financial planning: If You're Like Most, You Need to Think About This! - 06/14/14 10:01 PM
So how much will you have to save each month to accumulate enough money to be able to retire financially safe, and be able to live un-financially assisted for the remainder of your life?
Here's what you'll need to save  each month to have about $50,000 per year to spend and with only a marginal chance of running out of money.
25 Years Until Retirement.................$5,000.00
30 Years Until Retirement.................$4,166.00
40 Years Until Retirement.................$3,125.00
45 Years Until Retirement.................$2,777.00

Unless you are planning on your children helping you, getting a significant inheritance, or hope to depend on government assistance, you've got … (23 comments)

financial planning: INTUITION TELLS YOU HOW -- PROCRASTINATION GETS IN THE WAY - 10/04/13 03:06 AM
It's difficult to believe that there are very many real estate sales people who don't intuitively know the primary components of building their business.
Maybe getting an occasional tweaking by their agency's sales trainer or by bringing in the advice of an outside trainer like Brian Buffini is helpful and necessary.
But in the main, the problem that haunts lack of listings and sales of any agent is refusing to follow the known, tried and true formula.
It's the same thing with building a secure financial future.  Most intuitively know the components, interestingly few commit to it.
So the only way they can assure … (3 comments)

financial planning: I CAN'T BE TRICKED! - 08/07/13 08:03 AM
William S. Cherry and
No Company
America’s financial coach
972 677-7028
I can't be tricked!
I've been where you are today, and yesterday, and the day and the year before that. 
You see, I made my living as a successful real estate broker for decades, living on commissions just like you are trying to do.
By building a financial plan and following it through good markets and terrible ones, my family and I remained financially secure.  
That did require dedication and not falling to temptation. 
So you can be assured I know what you need to do to prepare … (1 comments)

financial planning: DADDY'S 7 RULES FOR SECURING YOUR FINANCIAL FUTURE - PART 5 - 01/01/10 11:53 PM

In the Preface of this 7-part series of blogs, I explained that my daddy was always a salaried employee, yet by following seven rules he went from being recently out of college to a millionaire-plus twenty-five years later. My mom never worked, and they fully-funded the education of their two sons. He passed away in 1980.
I suggested that with the 2010 New Year ready to begin, this would be the perfect time for each of us to initiate Daddy's 7 Rules for Securing Your Financial Future.
Here, stated again, are the rules:
Save at least 10% of your gross income Know … (4 comments)

Paxton Kelso's dad, Larry, has built a name for himself in commercial real estate brokerage circles here in Dallas.  And Larry's been associated with the best, including the prestigious firms of Ebby Halliday and Roger Staubach. 
I spent many Sundays after church at Larry's grandfather's summer home on Offats Bayou in Galveston.  His name was Walter A. Kelso.  And Larry's father Rai and I were lifelong friends.
Good grief, it just occurred to me, I remember when Larry was born.
Larry emailed me awhile back and asked me to meet his son, Paxton, whom I didn't know.  Since Paxton and I are both … (1 comments)

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