preparing for retirement: Worried about What Will Happen when you Retire? - 09/17/18 09:35 AM

How many years away until you will retire?  It used to be the answer was usually 65, but as time has passed, retirement is all over the board.
While 65 is still popular, many figure out how to retired in their 50s, while others are sure that they will work into their 70s.
And then there's the question of when to begin drawing Social Security Benefits.
As both a Realtor and a Financial Strategist -- active in both for more than fifty years -- I have seen many examples in each of the categories: Before 65, at 65, and well into their 70s.
None seems … (0 comments)

preparing for retirement: So How Should You Accumulate Wealth? - 05/09/14 11:15 AM
There are three objectives, and I am going to list them in the order of the most important
Your primary objective is to make certain that every dime and every dollar you accumulate is safe from loss and, as much as possible, from exposure to taxes.  We call this your Safe Money. Your second objective is to pay as little fees as you can for the services of stock brokers, mutual fund management fees, insurance agents’ commissions, and independent account managers, as well as attorneys and accountants. Your third objective is not to make an investment for the … (2 comments)

preparing for retirement: YOUR LEXUS vs YOUR REAL ESTATE INVESTMENTS - 08/22/13 09:21 AM
Here's what happened. 
On June 5th, my AR post was titled “I Wonder Why Realtors Drive a Lexus?”  To date, the AR counter shows that 9,483 of you read it, and 231 of you commented. 
Most of the 231 of you who commented defended your decision to drive a Lexus as being a Realtor's inalienable right. 
You inferred that you would rather have a high car payment than drive a medium-priced car, even if it would allow you to bank the significant difference in the payments.
I contended that it might be an easy, but significant way to save for your retirement. 
Most of you didn't … (2 comments)

preparing for retirement: SignificaNumber of Elderly Drowning - Your Parents Included? - 06/03/13 06:50 AM
William S. Cherry & No Company
America's Financial Management Coach
A Significant Number of Elderly Are Financially Drowning
After the Great Depression, a work ethic that encompassed employers and employees assured that a good portion of the American workforce and their employers would remain loyal to each other until the employee retired at 65.
That formula worked miracles.
Pensions – a good name for “forced savings plan” – offered by employers as an employee benefit, made certain that when the employee retired, he would continue to have an income, albeit a reduced income, for the rest … (2 comments)

preparing for retirement: How Do You Plan for This to Work? - 02/18/13 11:05 PM
Yes, exactly how do you plan for this to work?
If you must make $60,000 a year to no more than keep your head above water, what plans have you made to assure that will continue if you become disabled or retire?
Say you’re 30 years old, and you plan to retire at 65, and the actuarial tables show that you will probably live at least 25 more years after you retire.
That means you’re going to have to have a source that will pay you an aggregated $1,500,000 over the remainder of your life.
So how would you approach preparing … (24 comments)

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