real estate ads: Here's What Lindey Mahoney Does. - 11/07/13 09:34 PM
Most real estate people would reap far more benefits from their advertising budgets if they would retain the services of a knowledgeable marketing firm rather than trying to go it alone.
Spending thousands of dollars every month on full-page magazine ads of which more than 80% is covered by a picture of them with copy that's primarily for braggadocio is a high price to pay to build ones ego.
Market studies have shown time after time that those ads do little to recruit clients.
Third party testimonials are believable.  Tooting your own horn isn't.
There's one portrait ad that I've see … (2 comments)

real estate ads: MY VERY FAVORITE AD - 10/29/13 11:20 PM
This ad does everything it's supposed to, and it does it very well. 
It is directed to and appeals to the specific market whose members it wants to attract It has a great concept, headline and copy It has the perfect graphics The type faces are of a point size that almost anyone can read the body of the ad without glasses (Enormously important in any ad)
Real estate people rarely properly address their ads, and the copy is often nothing more than a list of specifics, and then they throw in their own picture.  By then, everything is so … (5 comments)

real estate ads: Measuring the Components of Marketing - 03/20/13 01:48 PM
The other day, I wrote a piece that talked about the necessity of knowing, after the sale, what each listing costs the firm. (If you didn't read it, now might be a good time.)
And having a way of measuring the cost vs the return of various forms of ads that the brokerage uses.
And finally, analyzing the money-making talent of each agent.  
You'd be amazed at how quickly you can increase your bottom line profits when you know these things and act on the lessons they teach you.
One very interesting way to measure the effectiveness of each ad is … (5 comments)

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