retirement: Worried about What Will Happen when you Retire? - 09/17/18 09:35 AM

How many years away until you will retire?  It used to be the answer was usually 65, but as time has passed, retirement is all over the board.
While 65 is still popular, many figure out how to retired in their 50s, while others are sure that they will work into their 70s.
And then there's the question of when to begin drawing Social Security Benefits.
As both a Realtor and a Financial Strategist -- active in both for more than fifty years -- I have seen many examples in each of the categories: Before 65, at 65, and well into their 70s.
None seems … (0 comments)


I really don''t know how long I've been posting on ActiveRain, but it's probably been at least 10 or 12 years.
My biography says I've been a Realtor for 51 years and I've been a private Financial Advisor for a couple of years longer than that.  And both are true.
In recent months, I've pretty much been forced to bring my Financial Advisory service to the public.  So now, that operates under Park Avenue Wealth Advisors, LLC, and while it is registered in Texas, we represent clients all over the United States. 
More information is available on the web site, www.  Click Here if you are interested in seeing … (3 comments)

retirement: If You're Like Most, You Need to Think About This! - 06/14/14 10:01 PM
So how much will you have to save each month to accumulate enough money to be able to retire financially safe, and be able to live un-financially assisted for the remainder of your life?
Here's what you'll need to save  each month to have about $50,000 per year to spend and with only a marginal chance of running out of money.
25 Years Until Retirement.................$5,000.00
30 Years Until Retirement.................$4,166.00
40 Years Until Retirement.................$3,125.00
45 Years Until Retirement.................$2,777.00

Unless you are planning on your children helping you, getting a significant inheritance, or hope to depend on government assistance, you've got … (23 comments)

retirement: The No Holds Barred Formula for Retirement Asset Accumulation - 05/26/14 10:01 PM

If you're forty years old and you believe you will be anxious to retire at seventy, you've got thirty years remaining to accumulate the wealth you will need to sustain your non-working retirement years.
The trick is to have enough saved so that no matter how long you live after retirement, you'll be financially independent.  It seems to me that almost everyone buys into that desire.
So let's say that you recently bought your home and with a thirty-year mortgage.  That means it should be paid for when you retire, unless you refinance it and take out equity along the … (2 comments)

retirement: IT'S TIME TO MEASURE. JOIN ME - 03/11/14 06:10 AM

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20 Bucks
Here's an interesting exercise for you:
1) Look at the balance owed on each of your credit cards on December 31, 2013.  Add them up.
2) Look at the balances owed on each of your credit cards on March 1, 2014.  Add them up.
3) Subtract 1) from 2) and write down the sum.  (The sum will either be a positive or a negative number.)
4)  Now add together the total value of each of your savings, retirement, and investment accounts as of December 31, 2013.  Write down the sum.
5)  Now add together the total value of each of your … (0 comments)

retirement: SO HOW'D YOU DO IN 2013? - 12/06/13 12:06 AM
So let’s see where you are.
What was your net savings in 2013?  How much did your net worth increase or decrease?
Would having a realistic, cogent plan have had more positive results?
Here is a plan that everyone can adopt in good conscious. 
Maybe it would be a good time to do that so that 2014 will prove to have better results.

Available any and everywhere that e-books are sold. 
America's Wealth Coach
972 677-7028

retirement: YOUR LEXUS vs YOUR REAL ESTATE INVESTMENTS - 08/22/13 09:21 AM
Here's what happened. 
On June 5th, my AR post was titled “I Wonder Why Realtors Drive a Lexus?”  To date, the AR counter shows that 9,483 of you read it, and 231 of you commented. 
Most of the 231 of you who commented defended your decision to drive a Lexus as being a Realtor's inalienable right. 
You inferred that you would rather have a high car payment than drive a medium-priced car, even if it would allow you to bank the significant difference in the payments.
I contended that it might be an easy, but significant way to save for your retirement. 
Most of you didn't … (2 comments)

retirement: Here's Where You Should Match Bank Accounts. - 04/08/13 10:21 PM

While the author of this poster meant it to be funny, unfortunately it will be the acerbic reality for millions upon millions of Americans who will find themselves worn out in their later years.
They would like to enjoy the final years of life doing what they want, not what they have to in order to survive.
But they won’t be able to.
In the case of most of us, for every day we don’t have a well-tooled wealth building plan in affect and operating on all cylinders, it will translate to months at The End when we’ll be all … (2 comments)

retirement: It's Hard Living on Commissions, No Matter How Much You Make... - 02/15/13 04:59 AM
(Reposted by request)
And you can bet I know what it's like to solely depend on real estate commissions to provide a living for my family and me, and to prepare us for our financial future.....
You see, I decided to leave the vice presidency of a fine bank -- one that paid very well and offered a great future with great benefits and an excellent pension at retirement. 
I did it so I could go on my own. 
<<==Here I am at 30
No safety net. 
No great amount of savings for I was only thirty years … (2 comments)

retirement: You Owe It To Yourself -- See How Many of These Fit You! - 02/09/13 09:36 PM

Why You Need a Wealth Management Coach.     
Your own experience has shown you that you are making little progress in building your personal nest egg. There are so many pieces to the wealth building puzzle, you’re not only sure how or where to begin, but you need your own personal step by step strategy and someone to coach you so you'll stay on track. You’ve read books with catchy titles, heard self-appointed financial gurus on the radio and seen them on TV.  The problem is their plans and recommendations aren’t in concert with each other.  Consequently, you do … (2 comments)

retirement: You Think Radio Has No Influence? Think Again! - 02/08/13 03:45 AM
The web has a great deal of information available about people.  And so does the Better Business Bureau and the web sites for the licensing bureaus in your state.
Your friends, attorney, doctor, the guy down the street, even you!
So there’s no excuse for not checking out someone’s character and reputation before you decide to do business with them.
For some reason, a person’s voice that is heard on the radio with reasonable frequency can easily convince a good portion of the audience that he’s who and what he says he is.
Some even throw in Bible quotes and lots … (0 comments)

retirement: A Great Example of Idiotic Logic that Many Buy Into. Hope You're not One of Them! - 02/06/13 01:12 AM
I’d like to discuss with you today some idiotic logic.
One of the major reasons many “Certified Financial Planners” give for avoiding the stock market is what they claim to be the market's miserable track record.
All the while, stock brokers counter-propose that it’s the perfect place to grow money, and they give their examples.
Who's right, you ask?  Neither!
Here are the problems with the logic that gets them to their conclusions.
To begin with, both use the Dow Jones Averages at two points in time to justify their conclusion.  That totally mitigates investments in specific stocks and allowing those … (4 comments)

retirement: Simple Investment Formula That Time Has Proven - 01/03/12 12:54 AM
One of the investment formulas that brought the mutual fund concept to the forefront nearly fifty years ago is known as Dollar Cost Averaging.
It works like this.
First, you make three decisions:
·        What mutual fund will you choose to manage your investment account?
·        How much will you invest each month in that account and when?
·        What will trigger beginning to withdraw, i.e., sell shares from that account?
So perhaps your decisions set up the following:
·        You will pick and open an account in January 2012 in the XYZ Growth Fund. Your initial investment is $1,000

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