saving: So How'd You Do? - 01/30/14 09:27 PM

Here's a reality check we should complete at least once a year:
My net worth at the beginning of 2010 was:
My net worth at the beginning of 2011 was:
My net worth at the beginning of 2012 was:
My net worth at the beginning of 2013 was:
My net worth at the beginning of 2014 was:
The amount I earned in 2009 was:
The amount I earned in 2010 was:
The amount I earned in 2011 was:
The amount I earned in 2012 was:
The amount I earned in 2013 was:
The amount I saved in … (1 comments)

saving: The "In Your Right Mind Method" for Buiilding Wealth - 10/27/13 09:13 PM
My new e-book is titled The "In Your Right Mind Method" for Building Wealth.  
It's available today at (click here)  And later this week, it'll be up at Barnes and Noble.  
For $19.95 you will finally have a plan.
This is the financial planning formula my daddy used and taught us as children.
Daddy was an executive and director of a major life insurance company, and as a result, had an inate understanding of how our steps of life affect our financial planning.
This is a cut to the chase method.  Bam, Bam, Bam.  No fluff.
Click here

It's difficult to believe that there are very many real estate sales people who don't intuitively know the primary components of building their business.
Maybe getting an occasional tweaking by their agency's sales trainer or by bringing in the advice of an outside trainer like Brian Buffini is helpful and necessary.
But in the main, the problem that haunts lack of listings and sales of any agent is refusing to follow the known, tried and true formula.
It's the same thing with building a secure financial future.  Most intuitively know the components, interestingly few commit to it.
So the only way they can assure … (3 comments)

saving: Bet You've Never Heard about Reflective Coaching, Have You? - 04/09/13 07:52 PM
Chances are that you've never heard about what we call Reflective Coaching?
It’s a very interesting and important tool for both the client and the Wealth Coach to use.
Its purpose is to get both on the same track, so that we can jointly identify the client's problems and then go about the process of solving them.
What is usually discovered in this process is that the problem is resisting a viable solution.  
Instead, the client has been trying to solve the problem by substituting the same ideas and following the same avenues that have never worked before.
Here’s one that real … (0 comments)

saving: How Do You Plan for This to Work? - 02/18/13 11:05 PM
Yes, exactly how do you plan for this to work?
If you must make $60,000 a year to no more than keep your head above water, what plans have you made to assure that will continue if you become disabled or retire?
Say you’re 30 years old, and you plan to retire at 65, and the actuarial tables show that you will probably live at least 25 more years after you retire.
That means you’re going to have to have a source that will pay you an aggregated $1,500,000 over the remainder of your life.
So how would you approach preparing … (24 comments)

saving: So, Do You Think You Can Do as Well as a 15 Year Old? - 02/16/13 05:53 AM
About 10 years ago one of my friends called to say that his daughter, sixteen, had gotten a job at one of the fast food places.  He wanted her to save some of her money, but he knew she wouldn’t.
I told him to have her call me, and she did.
“Have you got a savings account?” I asked her.  She said she did.
“Do you have a thousand bucks in there?”  She said she did.
“Where did that money come from?” She said it was an account with her dad that required both signatures for withdrawal.  It was an accumulation … (17 comments)

This coming Friday, we all have the opportunity to correct our financial indiscretions and begin methodically securing our financial futures.  Friday is the beginning of the New Year of 2010.
My daddy, William W. Cherry, passed away unexpectedly twenty-nine years ago; in fact on December 19th.  He would have been 72-years old the following February 7th.
I'm telling you that because it will put this into prospective: 1) my daddy was always a salaried employee, 2) he became a millionaire, and 3) starting from scratch, he accomplished his financial goal by following these rather uncomplicated rules:
Save at least … (6 comments)

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