wealth: How to End Up with Enough Money - 06/08/14 08:43 PM
How to end up with enough money
 Thursday, June 5, 2014  - Galveston County Daily News
Bill Cherry is a financial coach with www.ParkAvenueWealthCoach.com.
If you listen to the radio as you drive about on weekends, you probably hear the 30-minute — sometimes hour long — infomercials bought and paid for by local financial product salespersons.
They cloak that they are salespersons by calling themselves financial or investment consultants.
Some offer free evening seminars where they promise you’ll be served homemade cookies, hot from the oven, or a free dinner if you’ll … (1 comments)

wealth: So How Should You Accumulate Wealth? - 05/09/14 11:15 AM
There are three objectives, and I am going to list them in the order of the most important
Your primary objective is to make certain that every dime and every dollar you accumulate is safe from loss and, as much as possible, from exposure to taxes.  We call this your Safe Money. Your second objective is to pay as little fees as you can for the services of stock brokers, mutual fund management fees, insurance agents’ commissions, and independent account managers, as well as attorneys and accountants. Your third objective is not to make an investment for the … (2 comments)

wealth: SO HOW'D YOU DO IN 2013? - 12/06/13 12:06 AM
So let’s see where you are.
What was your net savings in 2013?  How much did your net worth increase or decrease?
Would having a realistic, cogent plan have had more positive results?
Here is a plan that everyone can adopt in good conscious. 
Maybe it would be a good time to do that so that 2014 will prove to have better results.

Available any and everywhere that e-books are sold. 
America's Wealth Coach
972 677-7028

wealth: Do You Depend on the Luck of the Draw? - 04/24/13 07:49 AM
Most real estate people I know…
In fact, let’s change that to read, “Most self-employed people I know”…have no firm earnings' goals, and worse, they would have no firm and measurable plan to reach a goal, even if they had one.
Consequently, most of how things happen for them is the result of the luck of the draw.  And frankly, that’s a totally idiotic and Pollyanna approach.
What about listings...?
Most real estate sales person cannot survive without having sufficient listings. It’s the only way the agent can have the potential of every other licensed agent in his area working for … (22 comments)

wealth: A Great Example of Idiotic Logic that Many Buy Into. Hope You're not One of Them! - 02/06/13 01:12 AM
I’d like to discuss with you today some idiotic logic.
One of the major reasons many “Certified Financial Planners” give for avoiding the stock market is what they claim to be the market's miserable track record.
All the while, stock brokers counter-propose that it’s the perfect place to grow money, and they give their examples.
Who's right, you ask?  Neither!
Here are the problems with the logic that gets them to their conclusions.
To begin with, both use the Dow Jones Averages at two points in time to justify their conclusion.  That totally mitigates investments in specific stocks and allowing those … (4 comments)

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