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Here's a reality check we should complete at least once a year:
My net worth at the beginning of 2010 was:
My net worth at the beginning of 2011 was:
My net worth at the beginning of 2012 was:
My net worth at the beginning of 2013 was:
My net worth at the beginning of 2014 was:
The amount I earned in 2009 was:
The amount I earned in 2010 was:
The amount I earned in 2011 was:
The amount I earned in 2012 was:
The amount I earned in 2013 was:
The amount I saved in … (1 comments)

william s cherry: It's Time to Check and Double Check - 02/13/13 06:56 AM
Please be sure you understand that who you designate in your will or trust as beneficiaries does not in any way trump who you designated as beneficiaries in your life insurance policies, Social Security trust account, retirement account, etc. 
You should examine those documents every year....and ESPECIALLY if there has been a divorce, marriage, or deaths that will affect those decisions.
If there is a discrepency when you pass away, no court can rule that your will or trust will be followed rather than those documents' beneficiary designations.
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william s cherry: BILL CHERRY'S MEMORIES -- ON TV - 08/23/11 01:06 PM

Many know that I have written about 700 pieces about the history of Galveston and its people.
From those came an anthology of about 60 which was published as a book in 2000 by VanJus Press. Titled Bill Cherry's Galveston Memories, it has sold many thousands.  Nevertheless, I chose not to do a second printing.
Today, used copies sell on amazon.com for nearly 100 bucks; new copies, when available bring more than $300.  The cover price is $19.95.
Along the way, I did weekly TV stories for a Houston station.  They were called Bill Cherry's … (0 comments)

            There was a time when American Airlines was one of the most respected passenger carriers in the United States.  I'm talking about a time when fares were regulated and the number of direct flights was far less than today.
            In the 1950s, American Airlines advertising and marketing consultants came up with a brilliant idea.  The company would broadcast a nightly program on the biggest radio station in each market the carrier served.  Dallas, Chicago, New Orleans, Los Angeles, New York, Washington, D.C. 
            The list goes on.
            It would be called "American Airlines' Music ‘til Dawn," and it … (7 comments)

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