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Tips and techniques to help real estate professionals make more money in less time and enjoy their life more.



Good Monday Morning All Stars,Are you determined to reach your goals regardless or your perceived obstacles?In 1883, a creative engineer named John Roebling was inspired by an idea to build a spectacular bridge connecting New York with the Long Island. However bridge building experts throughout t...
Good Wednesday Morning All Stars,Are you to comfortable to reach your true potential? Comfort conjures in our minds an idyllic life replete with all the trappings of the good life. When we are in our comfort zones, we feel completely secure and are not afraid of challenges - for they don't exist....
Good Monday Morning All Stars,Only one week left to hit the goals and objectives you have set for yourself for October! Are you working hard towards those goals or allowing fear to get in your way and hold you back?A man once went to a fortune teller, curious to know what she would say about his ...
Good Thursday Morning All Stars,What do you have planned for today? Are you going to climb big mountains? Do you have an action plan to attack your biggest challenges? Are you planning to live every minute of this day as if it were your last? If not, what are you waiting for?At All Star Coaching ...
Good Morning All Stars,Life is a journey filled with lessons, hardships, heartaches, joys, celebrations and special moments that will ultimately lead us to our destination, our purpose in life. The road will not always be smooth; in fact, throughout our travels, we will encounter many challenges....
It's 6:00 o'clock in the morning; the alarm sets off. You get out of bed. You take a bath. You have your breakfast. You check your email. You leave the house. You're ready to face another working day. Or are you?When I was a kid, I would ask my father why he had to work. He would always tell me t...

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