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    Everywhere I turn I hear and read about the dark clouds hanging over the real estate market. But as I'm bombarded by this negative information, I continue to be as busy as I've ever been. As a matter of fact I'm showing property today to two different new clients who are both pre-qualified to...
I very seldom blog about political things. But a bumper sticker I saw today on a truck (actually there were 3 anti-Obama stickers on the truck) prompted me to write this blog. I want to begin by stating that my reaction towards the bumper sticker has nothing to do with whether I voted for or agai...
 On August 5, Expedia announced that they would be moving to the now vacant, former Springfield-Branson Airport and hire up to 500 new employees by late fall. Yesterday, they had a job fair and soooo many people showed up that they realized they weren't equipped to handle such a large crowd and ...
With the popularity of texting there aren't too many Americans that don't understand the meanings of "OMG", "BFF" or "LOL". We use them all the time and honestly one has to a admit that they're probably used too often. But on Saturday I really did laugh out loud and unfortunately right in the fac...
I'll go ahead and make some of you mad and say I'm not much of a cat person. In the horse barn as a mouser and they serve a purpose. Other than that, I'm not so sure. Anyway, my feelings for cats aside, It seems lately that each day has presented a new challenge in the world of real estate. Toda...
It seems that I'm constantly being amazed at things that happen in this business. Yesterday was no exception. I understand the concept of previewing a home, but to what existent does the Realtor doing the previewing have a right to rearrange the house as he or she see fit, Late yesterday afterno...
If the following scenario takes place, what can my buyers expect? Let's say a house sells for $180,000 in 2007. The real estate taxes paid are listed on the mls as $1900 in 2009. The house goes through a foreclosure or short sale and the new buyer pays $140,000 for it. Can the new owner expect to...
I live in the Ozarks. Love it here and wouldn't trade it for any place else in the world. The area is named for the Ozark Mountains which came from the French Aux Arcs. In 1934, comic strip writer Al Capp introduced the world to a simple minded mountain boy named Lil Abner and his clan in Dogpatc...
      Amazing curb appeal! When you drive up to this 4 BR, 4100 sq ft, all brick, custom built home in Hidden Springs you'll actually catch yourself saying, Oh my! Near Ozark, but only minutes from Springfield, it sits on 3.67 acres in one of the nicest country subs in the area. The house feature...
Last night I caught part of the new Tony Robbins' television show "Breakthrough" which displayed a once affluent couple who is now going through a financial crisis. How did he help them? He made them homeless for a week. They slept on the streets and at a mission in Los Angeles. In watching, it m...

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