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My attempt to continue learning and gathering information about New Media. My goal is to assist agents looking to expand their presence online. By helping agents with their on-line marketing efforts, my hope is to build long-lasting, profitable relationships...



There have been a few posts already about the Truth in Lending and Good Faith Estimate revisions headed our way.  Are you ready for one more?   Wells Fargo sent out a nice pdf on the effects of the HERA or Housing and Economic Recovery Act passed by Congress last year.  The Federal Reserve Board ...
                                                                As I journey forward into the deepest reaches of the social media world, two sites have caught my attention.  The first answers the number one question I get when speaking to agents about the importance of social media marketing.  Wh...
There are many desktop applications for Twitter floating around, but the top two are Tweetdeck and Seesmic. Both have recently upgraded their software. I am a fan of Tweetdeck, and the new ability for unlimited columns and unlimited account support is nice. They have even released an iPhone app. ...
If I read the above post title, I'd be trying to figure out what sort of metaphor the post author was reaching for.  Well, in this case, what you see is what you get.  A buddy sent the you tube video below and I must pass it along.  Who knew that monkeys were smarter than humans?    Just a little...

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