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 According to, Seattle has joined an elite class of "Bubble-Proof" markets.The National average annual home price appreciation from 1949-2006 was 2.3%. San Francisco came in #1 in the country at 4.2% annual appreciation, Los Angeles came in #2 with 3.7%. The BIG NEWS for us is that t...
12/04/2006 848-1635If you live in or around Skagit County, you've probably driven by KartTrak.... Its just off I-5 South of the Anderson Road Exit (#225).  This is a place where you can get in a go-cart and race!  These cars go like mad!  They do several different track ...
Well, now that the snow is all but gone... Its time to get back to work selling houses. However, I did have to share one cool picture that I took of one of my yard signs covered in snow....Neither snow, nor sleet, or hail.... Wait a minute, the Post Office uses that one... At any rate, my marketi...
Well, a lot of that depends on each household's individual situation, but one of the top times of the year to buy or sell is fast approaching - January. When the Holiday craziness has past, it is the time to focus on the future!For Buyers: NOW is the time for you to decide your wants and needs fo...

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