barbara birinyi: IPhone vs Blackberry...and the Winner Is? - 01/12/16 01:52 AM
Not much of a contest in 2016, you think?  How about in 2010? 
In just 6 years the tables have turned for our Smartphone usage. 
Read the post BELOW for a blast from the past.  In 2010 I was a new agent, new ActiveRainer, and Blackberry devotee. 
Today I may have changed to an experienced real estate broker BUT I still use a Blackberry! 
Did you know that 46% of REALTORS® are using a BLACKBERRY and 27% use an IPHONE for their smart phone/mobile device?
At least that's the result of a Quick Poll taken during yesterday's webinar entitled, There is an App for That! presented by Amy Chorew, … (6 comments)

barbara birinyi: Winter in North East Texas - 01/06/16 05:30 AM
What Does Mother Nature have planned for us in 2016?
The winter of 2015 produced some unusual weather in Wood County and most of North East Texas. 
There were days of below freezing temperatures and more than a couple days of snow and ice. 
While other parts of the US have snow every winter, in this neck of the woods it's unusual. 
Average daytime winter temperatures in North East Texas are usually around 50 degrees. 
This bright red Cardinal didn't seem to mind the chill.  It's lots warmer here than up north!
 Photo taken from my kitchen window. … (5 comments)

barbara birinyi: A Horse is a Horse, Of Course...Of Course - 01/06/16 04:10 AM
Recognize the words to the song from the 1960's television show, Mr. Ed? 
That's also part of the title of an article by the research team at Tierra Grande magazine, the flagship periodical of the Real Estate Center at Texas A&M University.  I read every edition cover to's a great source of Texas related real estate information for both professionals and consumers.
The complete title of the article is: 
A Horse is a Horse, of Course, of Course. . . Unless it Predicts Land Prices
It's an interesting anaylsis of Texas land prices compared to thoroughbred yearling sale prices. 
 Maybe a stretch, but here in Texas we take … (1 comments)

barbara birinyi: How Big are Your Square Feet? - 08/20/10 03:31 AM has reported on the, "Death of the McMansion."
McMansions, also known as Garage Mahals...are houses at 3,000 square feet and up. 
It was the building fashion in some cities and suburbs in the 2000 decade.  Huge, looming, expensive to heat and cool.
Did you know that the average home size in America in the 1960's was 1,200 square feet?
And that even in the 1980's it was only an average of 1,710 square feet?
But by the 2000's it had grown to an average of 2,330 square feet.
The building trends of the 2010 decade are expected to produce smaller, energy efficient homes.
Smaller even here in Texas, where "Go … (3 comments)

barbara birinyi: The Future for Texas - Population Growth - 08/03/10 11:30 AM

Originally published in the summer of 2010, the subject matter in the following post is still relevant for Texans in 2016 and has lots of historical interest.
An article from the College Station Texas, Real Estate Center reports that "One word describes the future of Texas real estate - population." 
"More people are moving to Texas than are moving out. These new adult Texans need housing the day they arrive. That is more good news for a real estate industry that has already fared better most states during the latest economic downturn."
For more information, read "The Changing Face of Texas" in the July issue … (7 comments)

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