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Since the last post I finally got it with IndyMac Federal Bank. This was after paying the 900 plus dollars for the default school training for them. They hit me to two properties, so we're off and running with them. Not sure what going to happen to them with the whole FDIC deal however so I would...
The Knight Group Serving My Clients Like I Served My Country                                     Current Las Vegas, NV Inventory Update                                     As of: DECEMBER 28TH, 2008                                                       SFR Inventory:           17,048            ...
So, for the past 2 months, there hasn't been not one deal that I've had close on time (meaning the original closing date on the contract). The problem that I'm seeing is that EVERY SINGLE TIME the buyers don't want to pay the penalties for closing late!!! Just about every bank has it in their add...
So, we all know what floor time is. You sit at the office front desk and answer the phone in hope of catching a buyer call and converting that into a closed sales transaction. But most of us never think about what actually makes that phone ring and who's best interest it's in! To get that phone t...
Ok, here's the scenario. You are a big time REO agent with over 500 listings with a company that will remain unnamed (symbol is a blue mountain). You attempt to do the right thing and take the high road by going to ownership and management and letting them know that you're no longer happy in your...
Joe I formally of"company x" (symbol is the big blue mountain) (recently filed bankruptcy) (was issuing phantom "stock" hint hint) in Las Vegas, NV (top REO agent in the entire nation)has made the move to Keller Williams Realty Las Vegas!!! Joe carries anywhere from 400 to 600 listings on a month...
I'm not sure how many of you are aware of where the Keller Williams Reatly Las Vegas officed has grown to in three short years. Dave Jenks(co-owner along with Debbie Zois) shared some amazing numbers when he was here and I wanted to make sure you knew!! Our Listings Sold are up 165% Our Contracts...
I'm sitting here watching Larry King Live and he's interviewing UAW workers and a local chapter president. Here's what's bugging me about the whole big 3 bailout. The main reason that I came to Keller Williams Realty is that it is the only major brokerage that actually teaches you how to be a gre...

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