knoxville home sellers: The Foreign Language of Real Estate - 04/19/15 03:38 AM
Like most specialized segments of business, real estate has its own language.  Well, not really, but many of the terms and acronyms sprinkled through each conversation about buying a house can sound that way to first time home buyers.  As a professional in the field, I’m always happy to offer my guidance to clients and explain anything they don’t understand.  Sometimes though, people are nervous and don’t want to ask what something means because they fear it will make them look bad.  In truth, understanding the terms and phrases usually leads to more questions because clients can see how these things … (1 comments)

knoxville home sellers: Understanding the "market" - 02/13/15 07:23 AM
So many times, you hear or see realtors speak of the "market". They tell you the market is "good", the market is "bad", the market is "crazy", etc. They use these tactics to pursuade you one way or the other.  But as a home buyer, or seller, (or both) you should understand exactly what "market" is being referred to, how it affects you, and what to do with that information. 
First and foremost, let's expand on the name, and include it in its' entirety. The "market" is short for the "housing market". You knew that aleady? You'd be amazed how many people didn't know … (0 comments)

knoxville home sellers: NOW THERE’S NO EXCUSE - 01/09/10 05:27 AM
It’s the best news in real estate since last year’s First Time Home Buyers Tax Credit: an estimated $22 billion will pump into our economy as a result of the government not only extending the tax credit, but including current homeowners, too.
The existing $8,000 maximum credit stays in place for first-time buyers. A "first-time" buyer is one who has not owned a home during the three years prior to the purchase. However, repeat buyers who have lived in their home for five of the past eight years may also qualify for up to a $6,500 tax credit on their purchase.

knoxville home sellers: How to Sell Your Knoxville TN Home Fast and For The Most Amount of Money - 07/10/09 10:39 AM
A number of reasons exist for wanting to sell off your house quickly. You can avoid the stress of worrying about whether or not your house will sell while it is on the market. Your property is going to appear to be worth less the more time it spends on the market. Ultimately, quick sales are much preferable to slow ones. This article will explain techniques and strategies that will help you sell your house in a timely and profitable manner.
Make Your House Seem As It Is Worth More
Be certain that your home is in the best condition. If … (0 comments)

knoxville home sellers: 18 Things a seller needs to make a part of their moving checklist - 06/08/09 10:36 PM
Send change of address to:
* Post Office: give forwarding address
* Charge accounts, credit cards
* Subscriptions: notice requires several weeks
* Friends and relatives
* Bank: transfer funds, arrange check-cashing in new city
* Insurance: life, health, and auto
* Automobile: transfer of car title registration and driver's license
* Utility companies (gas, electric, water, telephone, cable): arrange for refunds of any deposits and service in new home.
* Cancel/change newspaper delivery
* School records: ask for copies or tranfer of children's records
* Health: medical, dental, prescription histories
And don't forget to:
* Empty freezer: plan … (1 comments)

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