knoxville real estate: Don't Return From Vacation Into a Nightmare! - 06/21/15 09:36 AM
There are so many things we do to prepare for our vacations…. pick a destination, make travel arrangements, make lists for packing, settle our outstanding work obligations, lest I forget SAVE money for the trip, etc….  For many of us this is that once a year chance to walk away from ALL of our chores and many of our toils and responsibilities to a mini-escape that will refresh and reinvigorate us with an abundance of fun, relaxation, and “do-nothing-we-don’t-want-to-ness” until the next year.  Most people gradually return from these vacations to their everyday lives with an unusually light and positive air … (2 comments)

knoxville real estate: Caulk: Homeowners’ Friend or Foe? - 06/14/15 10:01 PM
How can something that seems so simple, be so difficult to do well? Furthermore, how can something so rarely considered by people have such a big affect on the final aesthetic of so many things?  If you haven’t guessed by now, I am talking about caulk.  It sounds silly, but when your profession takes you and your critical eyes in countless houses, odds are you have seen the after effects of caulking mishaps.  
Caulk is like an unsung hero.  If it is doing its job, and if it has been applied correctly, no one should ever notice or think twice about … (4 comments)

knoxville real estate: Extra Exposure - 05/24/15 06:14 AM
First of all, remember this is a real estate blog so if you weren’t thinking in terms of marketing when you read the title, you may want to move on to, shall we say…. feistier subject matter. In two previous blogs I have outlined a couple of very important points that people should consider before placing their houses on the market “For Sale By Owner”.  The first blog, “Reasons to Rethink For Sale By Owner” really examines pricing a home correctly from the beginning and how a professional Realtor’s guidance and experience can make a huge difference in accomplishing this.  The … (3 comments)

knoxville real estate: Having a professional negotiator - 05/17/15 09:00 AM
In the blog titled Reasons to Rethink “For Sale By Owner” I started exploring some of the things sellers should consider before putting their homes on the market without the help of a professional.  That blog focused on price.  It considered the idea of accurately pricing a home the first time by partnering with a professional real estate agent.  An agent can consider all of the current market factors and help set an asking price that will attract the appropriate buyers from the beginning rather than under or over valuing the home and losing out on the initial frenzy of interest.  … (0 comments)

knoxville real estate: Buyers, Agents, and HOAs - 04/26/15 09:04 PM
All home buyers are affected by HOAs.  No, really…. even people who buy a home that is not a part of an HOA are affected by its absence.  See?  In fact, the Community Associations Institute trade association estimated that HOAs governed 26.3 million American homes and 65.7 million residents in 2013.  HOAs also affect me as a real estate professional.  Imagine connecting the perfect buyer with their dream home in the ideal location but then informing them that they can’t park the RV that is a big part of their lifestyle plan in the driveway…. it could be a deal breaker (and a … (1 comments)

knoxville real estate: The Foreign Language of Real Estate - 04/19/15 03:38 AM
Like most specialized segments of business, real estate has its own language.  Well, not really, but many of the terms and acronyms sprinkled through each conversation about buying a house can sound that way to first time home buyers.  As a professional in the field, I’m always happy to offer my guidance to clients and explain anything they don’t understand.  Sometimes though, people are nervous and don’t want to ask what something means because they fear it will make them look bad.  In truth, understanding the terms and phrases usually leads to more questions because clients can see how these things … (1 comments)

knoxville real estate: Ahhh the Green, Green Grass of Home! - 04/12/15 02:58 AM
When potential buyers or any visitors really, pull up to your home, one of the first things that grabs their attention is your yard.  Is it lush and green? Is it neatly mowed and well maintained?  The answers to these subconscious questions tell a great deal about you and what you invest in your home.  In the last blog, we considered weeds and what you can do in the spring to prevent weeds from taking over and give you a head start on the summer battle.  The other step you can take in the spring is to improve the quality and … (0 comments)

knoxville real estate: Ready to mulch but unsure where to start? - 03/29/15 04:26 AM
Spring is here! And with that? The desire to garden!  Landscape brings curb appeal to not only homes preparing to sell, but also homes that have no intention of being sold, because A) the homeowner actually enjoys the look, and B) you are helping any other neighbors who may be preparing to list their home, by helping ensure the neighborhood as a whole is attractive.
You've got a variety of flowers at your fingertip ready to plant right now, whether it's seedlings or full grown plants you transfer from the pot, annuals or perennials, the options? Are endless. But what about that "finishing touch"? You know, … (0 comments)

knoxville real estate: 50 shades of neutral... - 03/22/15 04:19 AM
You've probably heard of, possibly read, and might have even seen "50 Shades of Grey", but do you know what's even more impressive, catchy, and confusing?  How about 50 shades of neutral. Or, what you experience when you go to a local hardware store and attempt to pick out a "neutral" color...
Tan, sand, beige, you name it- they all look "pretty much" the same, but which one do you chose? And WHY did my Realtor tell me to go with neutral? Yes, we all have that one neon teal room in our house accentuated with white trim that we just love, but.... it's gotta go. … (1 comments)

knoxville real estate: Declutter with a dash of depersonalization - 03/15/15 04:48 AM
    As stated in a previous blog, making some investments in turning your home into the “HOUSE” of someone elses's dreams enhances your selling process.  Why? Well, when someone else looks at your home, they see all of the elements that have made it the comfortable part of “you” throughout your ownership.  They see the choices you have made ranging from how to decorate the living room to where to hang the family pictures, or what kind of rugs and paint colors YOU feel fit the space best.  If potential buyers don’t share our exact taste, they may not be able … (0 comments)

knoxville real estate: Small Investments Really Benefit Sellers AND Buyers - 03/08/15 05:34 AM
Selling your house is a BIG decision, as mentioned in the previous blog, that usually takes a great deal of thought and emotion.  This process frequently involves a certain amount of bitter sweet detachment, as you imagine leaving behind your home which has been the setting of many personal and family memories.  Once you get past this stage, it is really easy to fixate on what will become your new home and to resist investing anything else (mentally, physically, OR especially financially) into your current home.  In your mind that would be…. doing things for the NEXT owner to enjoy the … (0 comments)

knoxville real estate: When your "home" becomes a "house for sale". - 03/01/15 04:46 AM
You purchased your home most likely, because you loved it. You put your heart and soul into decorating it, every inch having its own significant meaning, and thought behind every decorative detail.  You may have gotten married in it, brought home your first child, or experienced a loss that makes it feel like it's an intricate part of your life within it's walls.
So when the time comes to relocate, the decision can be one of mixed emotions; excitement and sadness, anticipation and anxiety...   What can make those feelings even more amplified, is when your realtor comes in to your home and … (3 comments)

knoxville real estate: Looking to buy a home? - 02/21/15 02:29 AM
We've got some amazing new homes listed, but hurry- becuase they won't last long!
This spacious 2 story home sits in a cul-de-sac with a large fenced in backyard complete with a waterfall and pond. This home offers 4 bedrooms, 3.5 bathrooms with the Master Bedroom on the main level. You will also find on the main level; high celins in the family room, an office/living room, large formal dining room, and an eat-in kitchen.  The second level features 3 bedrooms,  2 bathrooms, a bonus room, storage, and a balcony overlooking the family room.  A 3 car garage, and located next to … (2 comments)

knoxville real estate: Understanding the "market" - 02/13/15 07:23 AM
So many times, you hear or see realtors speak of the "market". They tell you the market is "good", the market is "bad", the market is "crazy", etc. They use these tactics to pursuade you one way or the other.  But as a home buyer, or seller, (or both) you should understand exactly what "market" is being referred to, how it affects you, and what to do with that information. 
First and foremost, let's expand on the name, and include it in its' entirety. The "market" is short for the "housing market". You knew that aleady? You'd be amazed how many people didn't know … (0 comments)

knoxville real estate: Knoxville TN Listed in Top 10 Recovering Markets - 12/12/09 02:10 AM

No cities have totally avoided the foreclosure crisis, but some were able to sidestep the worst of it. These markets are now recovering quickly.
The recovery is swiftest in those areas that didn’t have as much of a housing price run up to begin with, either because the economy in those areas has stayed healthy or the economy has been limited for decades and residents have adapted or left.
To identify places where the recovery has begun, Forbes magazine examined the number of loans that were foreclosed in the 100 largest metropolitan statistical areas. Then it calculated the percentage of loans … (0 comments)

knoxville real estate: Knoxville Home For Sale in Mineral Springs Subdivision - 11/13/09 12:24 AM

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