real estate agent: Time and the Realtor's Psyche (Are YOUR Interactions Affected?) - 01/05/16 11:07 PM
Time & The Realtor’s Psyche
Well, it’s that time of year when arbitrarily we, as realtors, pressure ourselves to get our first sales in the books and begin to rebuild our statistics that are mysteriously cleared off at midnight on January first. You feel as if in that one day, you have reached an imaginary finish line and the gun has gone off to immediately begin another race. Will this be a good month, a good year? Or will this be an EXCEPTIONAL month? A GREAT year? Everything is a possibility right now. We feel renewed and energized from a holiday break … (0 comments)

real estate agent: Less Obvious Relationships Real Estate Professionals Should Foster - 09/21/15 01:48 AM
Everyone networks today. We network in real life and we network via virtual circles. Some of the first professional relationships we want to build are obvious… like with local builders, bankers, mortgage and title company reps, and even other real estate agents. These are all connections which can help us move our career and exposure forward and indirectly help our clients by improving our efficiency and knowledge. I want to remind you of a few more connections to seek out and tend that will be of direct value to your clients: cleaning companies; painters; and moving companies. First, a cleaning service … (0 comments)

real estate agent: Reflecting on the Evolution of Housing Style Preferences - 08/16/15 07:10 AM
First, please understand that these ponderings are in the spirit of generalities, observations, conversations, requests, and my perceptions. There are exceptions to every rule and there are buyers for every home…. I really believe that.  It is also true that price points affect selections and requests and necessity – yes, check, given.  What I’m talking about is just a subtle shift in demand, and wish lists, and dreams, NONE of this is scientific, nor do I have data or evidence to substantiate it…. I was really just thinking – so read on in that spirit and share, if you want, what … (3 comments)

real estate agent: Knoxville TN Lifestyle for Sale - 08/09/15 08:22 AM
Let’s talk honestly for a moment.  As real estate professionals we aren’t simply selling houses, or even “homes”.  Most of the time, we are selling far more than what will be transferred in the Deed.  We are selling neighborhoods, school districts, cities, and occasionally even states.  That probably sounds grand but think about it, no matter how attractive or attractively priced the home is, if it’s in a “less desirable” area of town, or neighboring properties have been neglected, if the city’s taxes are a burden, if the restrictions are unreasonable….. any of these things can effectively crush a deal.  That … (0 comments)

real estate agent: Descriptive Words! - 07/05/15 05:34 AM
New, Easy, Free Suggestions Sure to Make Your Advertising 
Fresh and Better than Ever
     First of all, how do you like that title? Good huh???… said with uplifted eyebrows and teeth featuring smile. Well, it is really meant as a test, or I suppose an example, of the power of using certain words and what reactions they evoke.  Which of the words in the title enticed you to read further? Did any of them hold more sway than the others? Did any of them make you skeptical or bring other negative thoughts to mind? They are all listed in the “The … (33 comments)

real estate agent: Caulk: Homeowners’ Friend or Foe? - 06/14/15 10:01 PM
How can something that seems so simple, be so difficult to do well? Furthermore, how can something so rarely considered by people have such a big affect on the final aesthetic of so many things?  If you haven’t guessed by now, I am talking about caulk.  It sounds silly, but when your profession takes you and your critical eyes in countless houses, odds are you have seen the after effects of caulking mishaps.  
Caulk is like an unsung hero.  If it is doing its job, and if it has been applied correctly, no one should ever notice or think twice about … (4 comments)

real estate agent: Woodlands of Knoxville Condo for Sale - Blake Rickels, Realtor - 10/23/14 10:48 PM

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