newport: Roof leaks and rainy day showings! - 11/26/19 03:22 PM
When buyers tell me they want to wait until a sunny day to see a home, I show them this nice puddle in the hallway!
This is an extreme example of a failed roof, as the property had been sitting empty for many years. Even a home in seemingly good condition can reveal active leaks when rain is falling. 
I say it is better to show the home on a rainy day, the buyer can see a leak, or poor drainage, (see photo below) with their own eyes before they write an offer, and then spend few hundred non-refundable dollars for the whole house … (2 comments)

newport: "Foreclosures 101," Central Oregon Coast, how to lead the pack! - 08/20/19 01:59 PM
Foreclosure homes are often a "cash only" sale, however, I have seen them sell with a construction loan to cover cost of purchase, + expected repairs. Repairs must be carefully itemized, lender will require a completed list.
If an REO property is priced to sell it may receive multiple cash offers, which can close much more quickly than a construction loan. Many foreclosures need repairs, poor condition of house not ideal for buyers who require a bank loan. House needs to be in better condition to get through appraisal and underwriting process.
Cash buyers usually win the foreclosure bids, the competition … (2 comments)

newport: A true "Real Estate Easter Bunny" for your inspection! - 04/19/19 03:16 PM
Here is the latest outfit seen on "Blue Bunny water outflow pipe". Blue Bunny enjoys costume changes all year round, lovingly dressed up by an anonymous nearby neighbor, (see previous posts). The Blue Bunny is part of a water system outflow pipe for a lovely subdivision located near Albany, Oregon. 
This week has been wet and rainy, hence, the new get-up, to help keep Mr. Bunny dry and comfortable for his big day. 
Have you ever seen a more genuine Easter Bunny? Stay tuned for more fun outfits as they are discovered from the curbside!
Happy Easter weekend!!

newport: "Shoes off when showing" is the kind thing to do! - 03/11/19 08:41 PM
My closet is full of slip on shoes and zip up boots for showing appointments on the Oregon coast. The weather is wet with footprints aplenty in the listed homes, especially if shoes are not removed at the door before showing.
Now, there is a NICE pair of slip ons!

newport: PEEPBOX! Newport Visual Arts Center "Pushpin Show" - 12/05/18 11:49 AM
One of my favorite events is at Newport VAC, the annual Pushpin Show where local artists can hang work using only 4 pushpins. This year I created an avant garde style peep box, seen in above photo at far right. My peep box is designed to be interactive, it instructs the viewer to take a photo of the inside with a cellphone to get best effect and take the art home with you. First, here is a photo of the outside of the box, so you may enjoy the pastel layers of recycled shopping bags.
Here is what it looks like inside:
At … (0 comments)

newport: Peep box 101 - 04/19/17 11:34 PM

A slight change in your perspective can change your day for the better. If the day has become less than ideal, remember to stop, take a deep breath, think about standing at the beach, waves are crashing, fishing boats are off shore, they're hauling in a fresh catch of Dungeness, and you are enjoying a craft beer while awaiting your fresh crab dinner at a fine restaurant in Nye Beach, Oregon.
Buying a home and relocating to Newport Oregon is easier than you think! Call or email me for more details about property in Lincoln County.
These photos are my newest "peep box", … (6 comments)

newport: Peep box art "inside the box" - 04/19/17 10:27 PM

Thinking outside of the box too!.... All you need is an empty tea box, a full cuppa tea, a stapler, plastic bag and some junk mail.
This is one of the smallest boxes in my collection. Yes, there's more!
Although my daily passion is real estate, this fun craft activity is perfect to fill a blustery April evening in Newport, on the beautiful Oregon Coast!

newport: Art from recycled materials - 03/17/17 03:21 PM

To make a wall hanging, all you need is a collection of plastic bags, rinse clean of debris, cut them open and use the colors you find appealing. My translucent window hanging was made of various bags and netting used to hold onions and potatoes. Use a stapler to attach the loose pieces to one main bag.  At the top of the bag I made some hanging tabs for a dowl stick. The twine is made of plastic bags twisted in to a "yarn" which can also be used for making crocheted items.
Newport Oregon is a unique area which values artists, … (3 comments)

newport: Chinese food lunch. Fortune cookie very wise indeed! - 04/08/15 06:07 AM
"Nature gave us one tongue and two ears so we could hear twice as much as we speak."
In the past few weeks, I have been working on a new project!
My plan: Keep my words down to a minimum, both in emails, texts and phone messages. 
My world has opened up to me in many ways as I can hear so much better when my mouth is quiet!  Just sayin'. (No, wait - Just listenin'!)
By the way, my clients and I enjoyed the exceptional broccoli beef lunch special from Lee's Wok Chinese Restuarant in Newport Oregon. It was part of my tour of homes so … (4 comments)

newport: Selling real estate from the trenches - 06/24/14 01:55 AM
 View from the percussion section!
 A glimpse of my exciting world in the pit!
There is nothing I like more than spending time playing music, especially when it is a live stage show at the Newport Performing Arts Center in Newport, Oregon.  These photos were taken in the orchestra pit of "The Black Tulip," a show that was based on the story by Alexandre Dumas, author of "The Count of Monte Cristo."  Our conductor, 18 year old Jacob Hanna, and his father, Brian Hanna, wrote an original screenplay and Broadway style musical score. The Black Tulip is classic Dumas literature based in the 17th … (0 comments)

newport: Pros and cons of buying a manufactured home on the Oregon coast - 06/05/14 03:29 AM

Manufactured homes are a great option when you need more space for less money. However, (The cons!) they tend to deteriorate much faster than a site built home if not properly maintained. One of the most common problems I see is a leaky roof near bathroom vents. The rainy weather on the Oregon coast can be particularly hard on a manufactured home in Newport, Oregon. The home pictured above is a 1978 foreclosure which will likely need to be removed from lot at a cost of $10,000 for disposal. The lot will increase in value if returned to buildable bare … (1 comments)

newport: Newport Seafood and Wine Festival this weekend!! - 02/19/13 04:24 AM
Many visitors who come to Newport, Oregon in February are making a beeline for the Newport Seafood and Wine Festival. It is Newport's biggest fundraiser for the Greater Newport Chamber of Commerce and one of the most exciting events of the year.
Housed in two extra large tents, the Newport Seafood and Wine Festival is a well planned competition for Northwest area wineries who want to put their brand of wine on the map.
Every year, I participate in the Ambassadors Information booth located just inside the front entrance to the festival. We sell "official wine glass holders" which are a hands free … (4 comments)

newport: Embarcadero moorage, 26 ft boat slip on Dock C! $2250.00, MLS 12-2517 - 01/31/13 01:23 AM

Have you ever wanted to live on your boat at a resort? Now you can! A rare deepwater boat slip for sale at the Embarcadero marina! For $2250, you can own a dock at one of the most popular resort properties in Newport. Dock is located on the Yaquina Bay, with 12 miles of navigable river inland for salmon fishing, or head out through the Newport jetty to the ocean to fish for some of the best crab and tuna fishing in the world!
Moorage length is 26 ft., can accomodate a 30 foot boat.
Sleep overnight in your boat at … (9 comments)

newport: Road Food: My client had a peanut allergy, so I made a change in snack - 01/21/13 05:14 AM
I recently found a new "road snack" for long showing appointment days when food is not easily accessible. I used to eat peanut butter and jelly, however, I do not want to find out the hard way if one of my clients has an allergy to peanuts. For some people, all it takes is the ability to smell or be in the same room with peanut products to have an adverse reaction.
There is a product called "SUNBUTTER" which is a great alternative to peanut butter. It is peanut free, tree-nut free and gluten free, nutritionally superior to peanut butter with 1/3 less … (3 comments)

newport: Newport OR, Peforming Arts Center - A view from the Orchestra Pit! - 01/10/13 07:06 AM

This photo was taken during the recent performance if Mel Brooks "The Producers," just minutes before the conductor waved his wand for the downbeat.
The orchestra pit at the Newport Perfoming Arts Center is about 5 feet deep below the floor of the first three rows of seats, which are removed when the pit is opened. The excitement begins when we remove the floor boards and set up the chairs and music stands for what is known as "tech week," or the solid week of rehearsals leading up to opening night.
Enjoy one of the moments which is most exciting to … (5 comments)

newport: Goats in downtown Newport, Oregon, in the Rite Aid parking lot! - 01/07/13 04:37 PM

This photo of two cute goats was taken yesterday in the Rite Aid / Safeway Market parking lot near my office at S & W Real Estate. Although we have about 10000 full time residents a suburban setting in Newport, Oregon, this photo shows just how rural we really are out here on the Oregon Coast.
It is not unusual to see goats being transported in this fashion as they are usually "working goats" which are rented / borrowed to clear the blackberry brambles from overgrown property.  I had the pleasure of borrowing a couple of goats one summer and enjoyed the experience tremendously. I … (2 comments)

newport: So. Beach State Park, Newport Oregon walking tour, (#5 in series) - 01/06/13 05:42 AM

The Cooper Ridge trail circles the So. Beach State Park campground and is well marked. I chose the lower flat trail to take me up to the Jetty where I can catch the Old Jetty Trail to take me back to the day use parking lot. The Cooper Ridge trail as pleasant, with open spaces, beautiful trees and a mixture of unsual plantlife. The views change with every step, which is why this is one of my favorite coastal trails.

There was a wonderful scent of shore pines and surf to accompany me on my trek.

This part … (1 comments)

newport: So. Beach State Park, Newport, Oregon, walking tour (#4 in series) - 01/06/13 05:21 AM

This lightly used service road continues north toward the Newport Jetty and Cooper Ridge trail which circles the South Beach Campground. I have seen many mushrooms growing along the way, but I do not recommend touching them as many are poisonous to eat, so best to leave them be. Here is a photo of them:


newport: So. Beach State Park, Newport, OR Walking tour (#3 in series) - 01/02/13 01:18 AM

Here is the trailhead sign located at the North end of the South Beach State Park Day Use parking lot. In my previous photo, we were walking through the shore pines on a dirt trail which is unmarked, to the south of this sign. This is a paved trail which takes you to the Newport Jetty and views of the Yaquina Bridge and Yaquina Bay Lighthouse. I will be returning to the parking lot on this trail after I walk the entire loop.

Remember that I started my walk going south from the parking lot through the shore pines, … (0 comments)

newport: So. Beach State Park, walking tour, (#2 in series) - 01/01/13 02:15 PM

We have now reached the southern end of the park where a brick wall in the shore pine forest separates the park from the Southshore residential subdivision. I have just stepped out of the forest to take this photo. This is an unusually clean and uncrowded beach. This photo taken 1/1/13. Yesterday, I saw horses here!

As you can see, yesterday was a bit cloudy but very beautiful. The horses were spry as we had some light sprinkles.

Back to our walk - New Years Day, 2013.
To find this trail, I headed east from the ocean at the southernmost trail. … (1 comments)

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