michigan real estate: I’m (NOT) #1, but I am really, really good! - 02/04/16 09:40 AM
I recently stumbled accross an article titled, Obsessed With Being Famous” and couldn’t help seeing a professional parallel. The article speaks to the new celebrity that is preceived through social media platforms and how people are willing to do just about anything to be famous. Conversely, the preference of money over fame has long been a humorous topic in my friend circle. “If I were to win (the record breaking Powerball jackpot) I wouldn’t tell anyone, “I’d just become less and less available due to my travel schedule”.
In my profession, it is a popular perception that the more famous you … (4 comments)

michigan real estate: "Welcome Back" - The Relocated Agent's Theme Song! - 02/17/14 10:23 AM
"Welcome back, To that same old place that you laughed about. Well the names have all changed since you hung around, 
But those dreams have remained and they're turned around..."
You may not remember that famous theme song to a nostalgic t.v. show, but as I relocated back to my home state after years of building a great real estate business elsewhere ... this song popped in my head and followed me like my own personal theme song.
All of the excitement, vulnerbilities and insecurities of starting over only to realize that it's not a sad song, it's a song of empowerment. One … (3 comments)

michigan real estate: Berwyn Heights - Hidden Gem of Prince George's County - 10/02/07 03:42 PM
Who says that Mayberry no longer exsists?  Berwyn Heights, MD.  By name it reminds you of just the kind of town it is.  A small town feel in the heart of the metropolitan Washington, DC area.  This close knit community beckons all who visit to remain.  From the town sponsored events, to the local historical committees, to the highly anticipated town fair every first Saturday in May, here is where memories happen.   A Sunday walk around the local lake Artemesia, is surely to delight...and meet a few new friends.  This is a Mayberry meets Mid-town environment, and a great place to … (3 comments)

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