clarksville tn loans: For Sale By Owners: New home buyer beware... part 1! - 11/18/08 08:39 AM
Buying/Selling a home is a complicated transaction that includes many legal forms required to comply with the law. 
Real Estate Professionals spend hours in class to keep up-to-date on the changes so they can provide the best service and protect their Buyers and Sellers.  
Even with all the information on-line it is difficult for  non-professionals to completely understand and comply with all the required documents for selling a home.  
I have seen many Buyers disappointed when they purchased a home from a for-sale-by-owner.  
I hope that this series will help you avoid many pitfalls and give you a quick reference to some of the required documents.

clarksville tn loans: For Sale By Owners: New home buyer beware... part 2! - 11/18/08 08:34 AM
Pricing a home to sell is one of the toughest jobs... to decide on the correct price you must know the current and local market.
Many home owners put years of hard work and money into their homes; it is very difficult for them to be objective when setting a sales price. Home improvements do not always have a dollar for dollar return... Pricing a home for sale depends on what has sold recently and what is similar to the home being sold.
Sellers normally do not have the data to make a good sound decision. Many times a for-sale-by-owner will disagree with a Realtor and price … (2 comments)

clarksville tn loans: For Sale By Owners: New home buyer beware... part 3! - 11/18/08 08:23 AM
The condition of the property is one of the most important factors deciding ... did you get a good deal!
Buying a home is so exciting but many buyers get caught up in the cosmetic appearance of a home. It is the bones of the home that will determine how much it will cost you to maintain your home.
In Tennessee a Seller is required by law to fill out a "Property Condition Form". Many Sellers do not know this is required by law and many For-Sale-By-Owners do not meet this requirement.
This form is the seller telling you about any defects in … (4 comments)

clarksville tn loans: For Sale By Owners: New home buyer beware... part 5! - 11/18/08 08:16 AM
The contract is the heart of the real estate deal! 
The contract will state the closing information such as date, where and with whom, sales price, type of loan, what the buyer & seller will be paying for plus much more.
The contract will also give you an out (if it has the proper contingencies) for things such as: you do not qualify for a loan, that you find the house with a serious defects or the property appraises lower than the sales price.
The contract also will give you options for remedies if thing do not go as planned. (again if it has the proper … (7 comments)

clarksville tn loans: Moving as a Military Child is Positive ... Welcome to Ft. Campbell, KY - 11/10/08 03:18 PM

Can our children survive another move? Yes...  
I am a military spouse; my husband retired in with grown children. Our two girls were moved all over the United States, Germany & Korea. I was raised in a small community just outside Dayton, OH... where no one moved. I heard from friends & family that I would doom my children to failure if I continued to move them year after year. But to me I had no other choice; you see I married Steve who made the Army his career. To me keeping my family as normal & whole as possible … (26 comments)

clarksville tn loans: A PARTY TO REMEMBER IN CLARKSVILLE, TN/Ft. Campbell, KY... THANKS TO ALL! - 11/01/08 04:01 PM
Welcome to Integrity Mortgage Services
1st Annual Halloween Party
Open House

It was so exciting to move into our new office and to host an Open House & Halloween Party.
We had a great turn out... many past customers, new customers, local agents, friends & family.
Many members of the ActiveRain community stopped by also!

We had all sorts of characters to visit...
There were games & prizes for all...

The kids had a great time
enjoying the New Play Room
games just for … (6 comments)

clarksville tn loans: HAPPY HALLOWEEN FROM FT. CAMPBELL, KY - 11/01/08 12:39 PM
     Every year my family loads up the car and goes to Fort Campbell to Trick-or-Treat... We always have the best time! My husband retired from Ft. Campbell, KY in 1995 but we both still feel very close to all our military families. This year... we had three grand children: Katelyn, Logan and Brandon (his first Halloween). It was such fun seeing all the children running around and having such fun. I could only think... I wonder how many of these children's parents were deployed for this Halloween. The spirit of our military families is amazing... every home had … (7 comments)

clarksville tn loans: Financing a Home... Answers to Common Questions! - 09/22/08 02:13 PM

1. I am not eligible for a VALoan.                           
    This may not be true; if you have ever served in the military as Active Duty, National Guard or Reserves you may qualify for a VA Loan. Contact me at or call me at 931-206-1907 and together we can find out if you are eligible.  
My own father did not know he was eligible for a VA loan until I became a loan officer and asked why he had never use his VA eligible.
2. I can only use my VA eligibility once.                                                                                                                   
    Not so! You can use your … (32 comments)

clarksville tn loans: I am Confused... Pre-Paid Interest is what? - 08/28/08 12:14 PM
 Pre-paid interest is one of the most confusing terms you will hear... it is quite simple once you understand it. So let me give it a try...
Now... as you look at the chart; you will see house payment due July 1st: This means when you make that payment then you are paying the interest for June in that payment. The lender will collect upfront at closing the 16 days of interest in May because that was no included in your house payment... meaning you are paying 16 days of pre-paid interest.
Now remember this will vary depending on … (17 comments)

clarksville tn loans: I am Confused... Closing Costs, Pre-paids are what? - 08/20/08 05:55 AM


 You have found the perfect Realtor, Loan Officer and House...
  Now it is time to write an offer.
Your Realtor says...
What terms do you want when we write your offer to purchase this property?
Then you are hearing closing costs, pre-paids, pro-rated taxes...
STOP; you are thinking. What does all this mean!
When you have a contract to purchase a home; it will determine how much money you will be spending; for the price of the home, financing and out of pocket expenses.  Plus, things like who is going to provide what service such as: … (16 comments)

clarksville tn loans: How are chickens & credit alike! - 07/25/08 04:41 AM
Here is my true story: How Chickens & Credit are alike!
Many years ago my husband was still active duty and was stationed at Ft. Campbell, Ky. So I followed him to Tennessee; yes Tennessee, Ft. Campbell is half in Kentucky & half in Tennessee. We rented a house in the country and as a city girl who loves animals; I started to collecting rabbits, dogs, cats, goats & wanted chickens. Now remember I am a city girl, a local friend said you can buy chickens by mail and gave me a catalog. This was a first for me and I … (12 comments)

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