tennessee loans: I am Confused... Pre-Paid Interest is what? - 08/28/08 12:14 PM
 Pre-paid interest is one of the most confusing terms you will hear... it is quite simple once you understand it. So let me give it a try...
Now... as you look at the chart; you will see house payment due July 1st: This means when you make that payment then you are paying the interest for June in that payment. The lender will collect upfront at closing the 16 days of interest in May because that was no included in your house payment... meaning you are paying 16 days of pre-paid interest.
Now remember this will vary depending on … (17 comments)

tennessee loans: I am Confused... Closing Costs, Pre-paids are what? - 08/20/08 05:55 AM


 You have found the perfect Realtor, Loan Officer and House...
  Now it is time to write an offer.
Your Realtor says...
What terms do you want when we write your offer to purchase this property?
Then you are hearing closing costs, pre-paids, pro-rated taxes...
STOP; you are thinking. What does all this mean!
When you have a contract to purchase a home; it will determine how much money you will be spending; for the price of the home, financing and out of pocket expenses.  Plus, things like who is going to provide what service such as: … (16 comments)

tennessee loans: First-time Home Buyers: Time Line for a Home Loan! Part 3 - 08/18/08 09:54 AM
Typical Loan Closing 
Conventional / VA / FHA: 20-30 Days
THDA/ Rural Development: 30-45 Days       

Concurrent Actions: This all done by your Lender     
Appraisal: 4 - 14 Days
Termite inspection: 3 - 10 Days
Survey: 4 Days - ? (Acreage could take several weeks depending on how much land)

Hire your home inspector and have him inspect your new home; do this as soon as possible. This way if there are any major repairs … (5 comments)

tennessee loans: 84th Annual Dickson County Fair: Schedule of Events for September 7 - 08/17/08 02:35 PM
DICKSON  COUNTY  FAIR                                                   
Schedule of Events

Sunday:  September 7, 2008   $$$$ DOLLAR DAY $$$$
12:30 - 2:30 pm        Exhibitors Pick-up all Crop Barn Entries
1:30 - 3:00 pm         Exhibitors Pick-up all 4-H & Home Economics Entries

FREE GATE 1:00 PM - 6:00PM
   ALL RIDES $1.00 EACH$1.00 COKE ** $1.00 CANDY APPLE ** $1.00 POPCORN
Above information taken from Dickson County Fair insert:
 Announcements made on grounds by Fair Officials take precedence over all printed materials.
Enjoy the … (2 comments)

tennessee loans: 84th Annual Dickson County Fair: Schedule of Events for September 6 - 08/17/08 02:32 PM
DICKSON  COUNTY  FAIR                                                                                                                                        
Schedule of Events


Saturday:  September 6, 2008 
7:00 am                            Mule Weigh-in
8:00 am - 4:00 pm         Sheep Check-in: (sheep must be on grounds by 4:00 pm, no exceptions)
8:15 - 9:15 am               4-H Pullet Check-in
9:00 am                           Mule Pull
9:30 am                           4-H Fairest of the Fowl Contest
10:00 am                         4-H Pullet Show & Sale
10:00 am - 10:00 pm    Exhibit Buildings Open
10:00 am                        Baby Division Pageant: (0-47 months Girls & Boys (will be held in Greer Building)  
2:00 pm                         JR Miss Fairest … (2 comments)

tennessee loans: 84th Annual Dickson County Fair: Schedule of Events for September 5 - 08/17/08 02:27 PM
DICKSON  COUNTY  FAIR                                                                   
Schedule of Events

Friday: September 5, 2008  STUDENT NIGHT
5:00 - 10:00 pm       Exhibit Building Open
6:00 & 8:00 pm        Princess Miss Fairest of the Fair: 6:00 pm Girls Ages 7-9   8:00 pm Girls Ages 10-12
                                    (will be held in Greer Building)
7:00 pm                   Antique Tractor Pull & TN City Mini Tractor Pullers
Gates Open at 5:00 pm Rides start at 6:00 pm
Gate: Adults $5   3-12 yr. $3.00  Children under 3 FREE
$20 Armband   Parking $2.00
STUDENT NIGHT 9:00 pm - 1:00 am Save $2.00 … (3 comments)

tennessee loans: 84th Annual Dickson County Fair: Schedule of Events for September 4 - 08/17/08 02:23 PM
DICKSON  COUNTY  FAIR                                                                           
SEPTEMBER 1ST - 7TH                                                     
Schedule of Events

Thursday: September 4, 2008
8:30 am - 2:00 pm       Farm Fun Day (4th Graders)

10:00 am - 4:00 pm    Cattle Check-in
5:00 - 9:00 pm            Exhibit Building Open
6:30 pm                        Cattle Show: Angus, Hereford, Shorthorns, Gelbieh, Limosin, other Breeds
7:00 pm                         Dickson County Fair 4x4 Street Truck Pull
7:00 pm                        Miss Dickson County Fairest of the Fair: Young Ladies Ages 16-20 (will be held in Greer Building)
Gates Open at 5:00 pm      Rides start at 6:00 pm

tennessee loans: 84th Annual Dickson County Fair: Schedule of Events for September 3 - 08/17/08 02:19 PM
DICKSON  COUNTY  FAIR                                                                
Schedule of Events

Wednesday: September 3, 2008  CARLOAD NIGHT
Cattle received anytime Wednesday
Brad Greenfield, Extension Agent (615) 446-2788
                                 Poultry Show Judging
5:00 - 9:00 pm          Exhibit Building Open
7:00 pm                     Dickson County Fair ATV Extreme
Gates Open at 5:00 pm      Rides start at 6:00 pm
$25.00 CARLOAD
$25.00 when you enter the grounds pays your parking, gate & rides for your entire CARLOAD,  regardless of number in car, pick-up or van only
Above information taken from Dickson County Fair insert:
 Announcements made on … (2 comments)

tennessee loans: 84th Annual Dickson County Fair: Schedule of Events for September 2 - 08/17/08 02:15 PM
DICKSON  COUNTY  FAIR                                                                                                                                 
SEPTEMBER 1ST - 7TH                                                                                              
Schedule of Events

Tuesday:  September 2, 2008   FAMILY NIGHT
10:00 am - 12 noon   Register Home Eonomics: Baked goods & Plants and Flowers
1:00 - 2:00 pm           Register 4-H Youth Dept.: Baking & Plants and Flowers
5:30 - 6:00 pm           Goat Check-in
5:00 - 9:00 pm           Exhibit Building Open
6:30 pm                      Open Goat Show
7:00 pm                      Dickson County Fair Moto-X Motocross
7:00 pm                      Little Miss Fairest of the Fair:   Girls Ages 4-6 (will be held in the Greer Building)
Gates Open at 5:00 pm      Rides start … (6 comments)

tennessee loans: First-time Home Buyers: What do I need to take to the LENDER? Part 2 - 08/14/08 05:01 PM
Take a few moments to gather the items below and you will be your lender's favorite customer!    
Most Recent 30 Days of Pay Stubs Two Months Bank Statements from Checking, Saving and any investments Two Years Rental History with Landlord's name, address, phone & e-mail (if applicable) Two Years Work History with Employer's name, address, phone &  e-mail Two Years Tax Returns with W2 / 1099MISC If you have ever filed Bankruptcy: Bring a Copy of Complete Bankruptcy Documents and Discharge If Divorced: Bring Copy of Divorce Decree If paying Child Support: Bring copy of Child Support Documents If recently sold a home: … (5 comments)

tennessee loans: First-time Homebuyers: Where to start for a Home Loan! Part 1 - 08/13/08 02:02 PM
                               The home buying process can seem very overwhelming at times. This report will be  in several parts and hopefully will make planning a little easier for you. I am in Tennessee but the information will be good no matter what state you are in. This post is designed to give you an understanding of the loan process; a timetable and items needed. Try to relax; Buying a home should be a FUN ADVENTURE! I am here to help you through the process.
You will hear several terms... buying power worksheet...pre-approval... commitment letter...loan approval..........................What does it all mean?
Buying Power Worksheet (BPW) - This form will … (8 comments)

tennessee loans: Bio Brenda Tressler: Serving Tennessee "I Specialize in VA Loans & Customer Care" - 07/31/08 11:58 AM

 About Me... Brenda Tressler!       What can I say...I am honest and hard working. My husband is retired military and we have lived in Korea, Germany, Ohio, Indiana, Maryland & Tennessee. We made Tennessee our home in 1990 and live on 18 acres with our dog Chappie. I enjoy the country life and being outdoors. I am with Integrity Mortgage Services, Inc., in Clarksville, TN: home of Ft. Campbell, KY.
My background is Mortgage & Real Estate: Since 1995, I have had my real estate license (in retirement now), owned my own mortgage company & worked in a title company. I … (3 comments)

tennessee loans: How are chickens & credit alike! - 07/25/08 04:41 AM
Here is my true story: How Chickens & Credit are alike!
Many years ago my husband was still active duty and was stationed at Ft. Campbell, Ky. So I followed him to Tennessee; yes Tennessee, Ft. Campbell is half in Kentucky & half in Tennessee. We rented a house in the country and as a city girl who loves animals; I started to collecting rabbits, dogs, cats, goats & wanted chickens. Now remember I am a city girl, a local friend said you can buy chickens by mail and gave me a catalog. This was a first for me and I … (12 comments)

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