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Night Photography what a great topic for The IMAGE.  Last night’s IMAGE was filled with some great suggestions and tips from an excellent photographer Brian Peterson. The team here at 360 Image Media offering Milwaukee Virtual Tours, really learned some great new ideas and tricks to make our nigh...
          "As an Indianapolis Real Estate Auctioneer and Broker, RTV's virtual tour software offers me a distinctive service differentiator. None of my local auction competitors have the ability to offer such a product. I mix it up a bit by providing 360° panorama virtual tours as value propositi...
Attention RTV virtual tour providers: I know that you're all working very hard to setup your virtual staging program and we've just done something that will make your job much easier.  As you the virtual staging catalog is nearly 14 MB which is much too large to email your prospects.  RTV has upl...
There is nothing like a best friend you can count on to say just the right things, keep your secrets and believe in you. That’s why I called mine last night as I was obsessing about a presentation I had to give today to 20 Nova Scotia real estate agents. I am currently taking a Toastmasters Leade...
We're starting to see the very first virtual staging images roll off the assembly lines.  RTV proudly gives our tip of the hat to Suzanne Feinberg from Scottsdale Virtual Tour Company PowerVision360.com for getting the very first virtual staging order completed over the weekend. The quality leve...
Dear Jack, During the RTV virtual tour webinar regarding the LifeLock system, Jason LaVanture mentioned a few steps to take if you thought you had spyware on your computer.  Could you please do me a HUGE favor and outline those steps?  Yours Truly, Melissa   Melissa my dear, Thank you so much for...
Hello from our Hamilton Virtual Tour Company 360 Virtual Solutions & Marketing in Hamilton, Ontario, Canada. We are new to the virtual tour industry but not new to real estate. As a realtor with Coldwell Banker, I have seen and heard what is required by realtors in order to provide customers ...
Hey there RTV. Special thanks for all of you out there who attended last night's show! I'm very sorry about all the little gremlins that were vexing me during the presentation and really appreciate you putting up with that.  Our new blog http://www.PanoramaJack.com site seems to be working proper...
Hello, RTV Dealers!  My name is Kate McCoy.  I’m the owner of Just Kate real estate marketing located in the Dallas Ft. Worth Metroplex.  I decided to call it “Just Kate” because from my personal experiences.   I’ve seen quite a few real estate agents’ desks.  I could just picture them franticall...
Virtual Home Staging is here from RTV! With more and more homes now being vacant due to foreclosures virtual staging is more in demand these days than ever before. Are you an RTV virtual tour provider? Are you looking for additional property marketing services to add to your offerings menu? If y...

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