virtual tour company: How Smart is your Cell Phone? - 03/30/11 01:13 PM
How many of you remember when you had to crank the phone to get an operator that will place your call (I don't either but I've seen it in movies)?  Or when land line phones changed from the rotary to push button numbers.  I bet there isn't many of you had a home phone that shared the phone line with the neighbors.  Communications have come a long way in the last 40 years.  It wasn't long ago the cell phone weighed in at 20 pounds or more.  The cost of a call was huge and you needed two jobs just to … (8 comments)

virtual tour company: New From the Marketing Department - 03/19/11 07:56 AM
This month our virtual tour marketing center has created a postcard that celebrates RTV's solid infrastructure, 100% up-time on our systems, and your ability as a provider to help keep a home online 24/7 until a buyer is found.  Check it out now in your virtual tour marketing center. We also created a simple flyer that details 30 wonderful features RTV virtual tours offer you and your customers. Login to RPM now and download this updated packet which includes a non branded window for your personal website, a text document for you to easily extract the text, and a high resolution … (0 comments)

virtual tour company: Accepting Critical Reviews with Grace - 03/19/11 07:55 AM
In my years at RTV I have seen a lot of photos. I mean, A LOT of photos. Some are wonderful and amazing, some are ok, and occasionally there will be some that leave me feeling like I need to wash my eyes out with hot water.For a long time I would take note of who the good photographers were and avoid the ones that submitted less than stellar images, and I left it at that. But then I heard Randy Pausch’s Last Lecture and changed the way I did things. It made me realize that the message I had been … (0 comments)

virtual tour company: Virtual Tour Checklist - A Story by Mike Vega - 02/12/11 07:42 AM
So I get hired by a young couple with a baby to shoot a virtual tour for them. They're looking to move out of state, back home to be closer to their family. They both work so, they tell me that it's ok to go ahead and shoot while they're not there and explain where to find the key. So, I get there and enter the home.....OH MY GOODNESS WHAT A MESS!! Baby clutter everywhere!! Toys, stroller, baby chair, etc. Then, up on the counters and tables, there was enough paper work and receipts to bring the Pentagon to it's knees. … (2 comments)

virtual tour company: Firefox VS Chrome - 02/12/11 07:39 AM
This a Pismo Beach virtual tour provider, being as efficient as possible is at the top of my list. I recently tried the new Google browser, Chrome. I have been an avid Firefox user with no problems in the past, so 'Why fix it if it ain't broken?'  Well, Firefox didn't break, but I was having problems with loading several pages I use often, including my own website. In a bind, I went with my brother's suggestion to give Chrome a try. I wasn't dazzled, but I wasn't let down either. If you have an internet presence (like a website or … (2 comments)

virtual tour company: New Virtual Tour Dealer Sites!! - 02/12/11 07:37 AM
Can we get a drum roll going? We are ready to roll out the new Dealer Site 2.0 Upgrade! We've tweaked and honed the system in order to offer it to new and existing virtual tours dealers at the same time! For existing Dealer Site customers, you have the option to keep your current site just the way it is, or take the FREE upgrade. The upgrade will not happen automatically. If you want this upgrade now, just drop an email to dealersite((AT)) and say, "I want the upgrade on my site!" With the brand new Content Management System that comes … (0 comments)

virtual tour company: Every Business Needs Innovation - 01/29/11 04:22 AM
Lenawee County virtual tour business owner, Hal Holubik announces ToursdForce, the professional provider of promotional media services. Today we announce the official launch of 2011 Social Ignition course for small businesses and real estate agents. a Lenawee County virtual tour company will continue to help provide entrepreneurs with the tools necessary to increase traffic to their websites, create better SEO (search engine optimization), and of course encourage small business growth here in Lenawee County and the surrounding region. "We recognize that small businesses need expert guidance and professional knowledge when it comes to SEO and social networking to truly become … (0 comments)

virtual tour company: Bozeman Virtual Tour Guy...and Fisherman - 01/29/11 04:21 AM
I recently signed up with RTV virtual tours and can't be more excited about the opportunity. The new Tour Builder 4 virtual tour software is amazing to say the least. It is quick and easy to build the HD virtual tour once you have produced all the images with the photo stitching software. I researched lots of virtual tour companies and RTV offers the most comprehensive training, virtual tour business startup, and has the best looking online virtual tours. From the training to the everyday help in getting started, I couldn't be happier...I just wish there was more time in the … (0 comments)

virtual tour company: Reserve Your Spot for RTV's 'Pitch Part II' - 01/29/11 04:16 AM
If you reacted at all like I did you were sitting at your computer during the last episode of “The Pitch” with a HUGE smile on your face. You had a vision of yourself in front of a group of real estate agents and they were all looking back at you nodding in harmony. When Alan Fon finished half way though his pitch your mind wandered and you thought to yourself, “Self, if your pitch was anything like this we would be doing hundreds of virtual tours each year!” Well guess what?? You most likely 100% correct on that. RTV dealers … (0 comments)

virtual tour company: A FAST Virtual Tour Company Startup - 01/29/11 04:11 AM
Today is officially my fourth day in starting up my virtual tour business with RTV virtual tour software company and I have already made my first virtual tour sale!  I intended to get off to a fast start and still, I am a bit surprised by how fast everything is progressing. Like others who decide to get into the property marketing business when it's hot, I was a bit taken aback by the sheer volume of information to digest.  I knew the best course was to just read, study and practice to get enough information to get started.  I think I … (0 comments)

virtual tour company: I Love my Exposure Engine - 01/29/11 04:01 AM
Since 2009, Larimar Images has been providing virtual tours, photography and marketing solutions to real estate professionals and business owners in Wausau, WI.  In 2009 our digital marketing company was given the opportunity to become an RTV virtual tour provider. I can tell you all out there, RTV's virtual tour software out performs other virtual tour software by leaps and bounds!  I've tried em!!!! Jason and his staff are readily available to answer  questions at a moments notice and that is another reason I am so happy to have joined the RTV team.  Most of all I look forward to watching … (0 comments)

virtual tour company: RTV - New VR Software Press Release - 01/12/11 08:53 AM
RTV™, Inc announces Online Virtual Tour Software for HD Virtual Tours and HD V-Slides Traverse City, MI Jan 5th 2011 View our promo video here: RTV, Inc, a provider of virtual tour software and National photography services announced today their new online virtual tour software system. This new virtual tour software allows anyone to create a virtual tour online and save an additional ten to fifteen minutes of production time per property tour.  Providers using their previous system, Tour Builder 3.0, were able to create, publish and deliver a full property tour in about an hour. The addition of this … (0 comments)

virtual tour company: Networking into the New Year - 01/12/11 08:50 AM
I have to tell you how I met Rob & Ryan Gick of Gick Builders Inc., a Lafayette Home Builder. I met this father and son duo when visiting the Lafayette BNI group here in Indiana. By the way I strongly suggest joining your local BNI. They approached me after the meeting  to have a virtual tour done of a recently completed remodel. We met shortly after at the project and I was amazed at the transformation that had taken place. They had converted what was the living room into a mother in law quarters with her own kitchen and bedroom … (0 comments)

virtual tour company: Happy New Year from BlueLaVaMedia! - 01/12/11 08:48 AM
Hello and Happy New Year from BlueLaVaMedia. Your #1 trusted source for TC Virtual Tours. We would like to take this opportunity to thank you for your virtual tour business and support this last year. We have enjoyed assisting in showcasing your properties with our many powerful property marketing tools and look forward to our continued relationship in the New Year. We pledge to continue to bring you the best HD Virtual Tours, V-Slides, as well as leading edge digital marketing programs. In early 2011 we will introduce to many of you, mobile marketing and help you take advantage of the … (0 comments)

virtual tour company: Outsourcing Outback - 12/27/10 10:36 AM
Greetings from your Nova Scotia Virtual Tour Provider Nancy Bain and Supernova Studios.

Hey folks, I’m out back (outsourcing) on the deck! That’s right, there are 3 “yard boys” running in every direction making my world beautiful while I sip a pina colada in awe.

Wait now, before you judge.... It’s Sunday, and I’ve worked 76 hours this week and although I sip a pina colada outside, I’m also writing this virtual tour blog. My week is not yet over.

A company "outsources" when it hires another person or company outside its organization to perform work it … (1 comments)

virtual tour company: Virtual Florida Tours offering New V-Slide Technology - 12/27/10 10:33 AM
Virtual Florida Tours is happy to announce our new VHD Slide Tour service. For the last years our parent company Real Tour Vision virtual tour software company has been researching this innovative and more customer friendly way of presenting our customers listings. This new service will allow the realtors to send the photos of their listings to us and we will make a slide show for them. The cost is only $25 per VHD slide show. These tours have our hit information that can be shown to your customers and prospects. They are automatically placed in a great number of Real … (0 comments)

virtual tour company: QR Codes - Always Connected! - 12/18/10 04:46 AM
Supernova Studios, your Nova Scotia virtual tour provider  on Mobile Marketing, property specific websites and QR codes. Mobile is on the fast track to becoming the most wide spread media channel in the world. Over one billion mobile devices are sold annually and worldwide mobile advertising revenues are expected to reach $3.5 billion this year and predicted to hit $24 billion within 5 years. Always on and always connected – Mobile marketing is the most personal and interactive marketing available ever. It can reach people when they are actually out living their lives and making purchases. It can drive people into … (3 comments)

virtual tour company: No More Traffic Tickets! - 12/11/10 04:32 AM
Everybody wants and NEEDS to know what marketing techniques are working for their virtual tour company. As a budding Central Coast Virtual Tour Provider I've learned, there is no wrong or right way. The only right way is the way that works best. I've been told it is best to experiment with high-cost, low-cast, popular, and even odd forms of marketing. From donation work to billboards, the range for marketing is HUGE, and I have yet to scrape the surface. Yesterday when asking the predictable yet powerful question "how'd you hear about us?" I was told by my new virtual tour … (2 comments)

virtual tour company: Miami Virtual Tours on Blogging - 12/11/10 04:29 AM
As I have been blogging for more than a year more or less once a week it started to sink in...blogging is extremely powerful especially if you're an RTV virtual tour provider and don't have to pay for the 'google juice' from the virtual tour provider blog. To make it have maximum effect you need to continually participate, and the effect increases exponentially over time!  The posts stick, and keep there just waiting to be found! I have been seriously posting for more than one year, Around 130 posts.  I cannot expect to reach the other bloggers that are in front … (0 comments)

virtual tour company: Richmond Virtual Tour Company - 12/11/10 04:23 AM
Award Web Services, LLC Announces Richmond Virtual Tour Service Virtual Tours and HD-V Slideshows are dynamic, innovative & engaging. Virtual Tours increase your visibility, maximize your audience, and are paperless & eco-friendly!, a certified RTV virtual tour software provider, is proud to announce the addition of to its line-up of marketing tools. The addition of to Award Web Services’ current services will allow our current and future clients to have a competitive edge in marketing. is now an associate member of RTV virtual tour software technologies. We are excited to be able to offer this new service … (0 comments)

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