virtual tour software: HD V-Slide System From RTV is AMAZING! - 11/11/10 10:05 AM
Wow,  what a great year it has been for upgrading virtual tour software features and releasing new V-Tour technology! Teaming up with RTV was the best business decision I could have made for my Grand Rapids virtual tour company. RTV is always on the cutting edge of new technology and always quick to roll out upgrades or new products to its dealers, thereby helping us to quickly be able to offer these products and services to our clients. We at Frees Frame have been providing quality professional property photography and virtual tours in the Grand Rapids market for 3 years now … (0 comments)

virtual tour software: New Virtual Tour Marketing Pieces - 11/11/10 10:03 AM
Unless, your site engages and captures a potential client immediately, a sale is lost. This simple postcard highlights how immediate consumers are.  Most importantly, it reminds potential customers that if their web content is not engaging and informative, then it is most definitely not effective.  The new RTV HD V-slides and HD virtual tours are the logical remedy.  This postcard is applicable to all audiences.  Take a few moments to customize this postcard with your companies name and contact information, upload to Vistaprint and then distribute.  Easy enough!  If you have an idea or a need for a specific marketing piece … (0 comments)

virtual tour software: RTV Virtual Tour Webinars Inspire Me! - 11/11/10 09:58 AM
Hi again from Challenging Designs, Hot Springs Village Virtual Tour Provider.  I was so impressed with tonight’s webinar, that I started thinking how I could best use the information that Jason and RTV once again motivated me with.  I just purchased a hosting site last night with and have started studying WordPress to start offering my customers more website development.  But yet again Jason and Robin at 360ImageMedia a Wisconsin virtual tour company, have opened another door to me.  I went immediately and purchased Robin’s Social Media kit, before Jason could buy it up!  And I plan on contacting my … (0 comments)

virtual tour software: Listing Solutions Goes Back to Basics - 10/18/10 12:08 PM
After attending the Realtourvision® webinar tonight, I was amazed at how much I have learned in the past three years from RTV … and how much I have not learned. Blogging is essential to any successful online marketing campaign and I stopped about 6 months ago when we started to get busy. No excuse, I know better! As easy as blogging is, I can’t believe that I ignored the least expensive and most effective form of marketing available. Blogging is what put Listing Solutions on the map and when properly done, generates awesome “Google Juice.” Listing Solutions (I just pulled rank … (0 comments)

virtual tour software: The FORMULA 37 - A Secret Weapon - 10/18/10 12:00 PM

Relying 100% on virtual tours as a source of income for your property marketing business is downright silly.  We all learned on the last episode of The FORMULA that your business can bring in three to ten thousand dollars of additional income every year just by teaching classes at your local associations. You should always be on the lookout for powerful property marketing tools that you can offer your existing customer base.  While some customers just love getting ten to thirty listing CD’s others will rely on the power of your single property websites to measure … (0 comments)

virtual tour software: Virtual Tour Software Tech Tip - 10/18/10 11:57 AM

This month's tech tip is about backing up your virtual tours. One of the most common calls I receive is from a dealer that has had a catastrophic computer problem that caused them to lose everything on their system. All too often the answer is "No" when I ask if they back their tours up regularly. Backing up tours is quick and external storage is cheap, so if you are not already backing up tours on a regular basis then you need to start now. Pick a day each week to back up your tours and … (0 comments)

virtual tour software: HOT RTV Dealer Sales Secrets - 10/18/10 11:56 AM
Hello fellow RTV virtual tour Dealers.  This is Donna with Challenging Designs a Hot Springs Village virtual tour company.  I cannot begin to tell you what a difference “HD Gallery Showcase” (as I call them) is making for me! My prices are low to stay competitive here in this unique market.  We are a resort/gated/retirement community.  Our target group, up until lately, has been retirement age.  This means less smart phones, less regional marketing and more national marketing.  We can’t use Panoriders, and that $100 mark seems to be a wall with our older Realtors. 
HOW IT ALL BEGAN I … (0 comments)

virtual tour software: Best Damn Single Property Sites in Town - 10/18/10 11:53 AM
First of all, Virtual Vista has to thank the other property site providers for inspiring us to develop the best single property website available.  So many companies deliver websites of such inferior quality that it detracts from the property instead of enticing potential buyers.  These same companies design sites that market only the agent, not the property itself, and those that DO market the property are NOT what we like to call “Eye Candy.”  Our Philosophy is SIMPLE…Give the buyer everything they need on ONE page. So, what are the keys to making a property website an excellent tool for the … (0 comments)

virtual tour software: Layin Down the WOW! - 10/18/10 11:52 AM
The WOW Factor is a term tossed around quite frequently these days pertaining to every thing from entertainment competitions to business practices. I will use it here has it pertains to Virtual Tours and Real Estate Photography in general. In Real Estate photography the “WOW Factor” is very important element in marketing a property. Many Real Estate Agents/Brokers & home owners, when listing a property, tend to photograph every nook & cranny of the home ad-nauseam. A close-up of the archways, cornices, the hallway, shots of the half circle window and yes, even the kitchen sink. Boring! The purpose of interior … (0 comments)

virtual tour software: New High Definition V-Slides are Driving Sales - 10/05/10 06:02 AM
Alamo Area Virtual Tours, has taken the Stand Alone SlideShow to its customers and it has been very well received.  What I’ve found is that the new Standalone Slideshow from RTV is a HUGE success among the agents out there feeling the ‘pinch’ of the economic downturn and have contracted their marketing spending. The good news is that while this bunch is waiting and hoping for the next Real Estate Boom they're still willing to spend money on technology. Their just a little more price sensitive than before. So now with this new product I going across town telling them … (2 comments)

virtual tour software: One Virtual Tour Leads to Another - 09/28/10 08:57 AM
See It Sell Studios recently completed our first golf course virtual tour. We decided to do a "blitz" to approach regional golf courses. While doing a presentation with a course manager, she mentioned that the owner of the restaurant at the club house would probably jump at the idea of a tour. Long story short, we not only managed to create a tour for the golf course restaurant, we also landed a tour for another restaurant the owner has. We bit the bullet and offered the owner a choice between the "smaller view" and HD technology. Of course he wanted the … (0 comments)

virtual tour software: BlueLaVaMedia Virtual Tours Now With iPad Support - 09/28/10 08:49 AM
What good is getting a virtual tour from anyone if it is not seen by the largest audience possible? A Big reason home sellers use a listing agent to sell their home is to get that maximum exposure only a listing agent can bring to the table. At BlueLaVaMedia, a Traverse City Virtual Tour Company, our virtual tour and listing exposure is so far ahead of our competition that you will be amazed at the traffic you're getting when your weekly hit reports come in.  We even send hot leads your way as your listings generate questions and comments from interested … (0 comments)

virtual tour software: RTV Photography Training Class is Paying Off - 09/16/10 11:13 AM
I had just used the big reflectors for studio shots before.  But this portable one is fantastic!  Thanks again Ben for The IMAGE! Donna Bigg Photographer/Graphic Designer Challenging Designs Inc. Hot Springs Virtual Tours Order a virtual tour: 501.922.8009

virtual tour software: How to Make an RTV HD V-Slide to Market Your Listing - 09/08/10 04:10 AM
This month's tech tip pertains to the new RTV HD Slideshow.  This amazing new option has already become very popular with our dealers and their clients. Below is terminology that will help you along the way: Ken Burns - Ken Burns is a documentary director and cinematographer. The "Ken Burns effect" is the slow zooming in and zooming out of still photography to portray a sense of motion. When Ken Burns is selected for a slideshow it creates an interesting effect for still pictures where the photos randomly zoom in and out. Pano- A selection used to play a scene as … (0 comments)

virtual tour software: PowerHouse VT's Now offer HD Slideshows - 08/23/10 01:46 PM
Louisville, Kentucky August 11, 2010— Powerhouse Tours, a provider Louisville, Kentucky virtual tours and property marketing services is proud to announce the addition of High Definition Slideshows to its line-up of online property marketing tools.. The addition of HD Slideshows to Powerhouse's services will allow their current and future clients to have a competitive edge in marketing their property listings and businesses utilizing these advanced tools in the Northern Kentucky and Southern Indiana areas. Sample a new Powerhouse Tours HD Slideshow: Melanie Powers, Owner of Powerhouse Tours stated: "We are excited to be able to offer this new service to … (0 comments)

virtual tour software: Enhance Your Bottom - 08/02/10 05:19 AM
Your bottom line that is!  knows that advertising can be expensive for us small virtual tour businesses. We all agree on that.  That is one reason for social networking as we find that opens doors that even advertising won’t open. However, if you have forgotten, we as RTV dealers have a unique way of helping others advertise at a phenomenally low cost and be effective.  As you well know there is a section in your TMS called affiliates where you can put small banners on each virtual tour that you make. I see that some virtual tour providers in the … (0 comments)

virtual tour software: Getting Creative Pays Off - 07/23/10 09:25 AM
Are you tapping all possibilities? SeeItSellStudios, a Missisissippi virtual tour company, has found that our "other niches" are easier sales and more lucrative than focusing on real estate tours only. Businesses with web sites can often profit by having a virtual showroom added to their sites. Hospitals and manufacturing companies can use tours for recruiting purposes as well as featuring their physical properties. Churches have expanded into the internet age too. With a virtual tour on their website they can share with potential members the layout of their church campuses or send the tour to friends, family, and other churches that … (0 comments)

virtual tour software: Jersey Shore Virtual Tours - 07/06/10 09:30 AM
Being in a New Jersey shore resort area, the summer presents both an amazing opportunity and a challenge. Most of the business owners are extremely busy with tourists. Too busy, sometimes, to break for a sales pitch. However, as soon as I mention virtual tours, they stop in their tracks and listen. It seems that everyone wants to hear about my Jersey Shore virtual tours because it's a fairly new technology. And, since most businesses now have websites, the owners consider speaking with me a chance to gain insight into an advancement that their competitors may be utilizing. No smart businessman … (0 comments)

virtual tour software: Virtual Tours in Greenville, SC - 04/01/10 11:47 AM
When you think Greenville, SC what do you think of? SC 360 Tours, a division of SB Design Associates is located in Greenville, SC and thought that a virtual tour of Greenville would showcase their city and also their virtual tour technology. Greenville, SC is located about 1 ½ hours south of Charlotte,NC and depending on traffic about 2 hours north of Atlanta, GA. How about 45 minutes from the mountains and 3 hours from the beach. The virtual tours that you see here represent a home in the area, a business located downtown Greenville and also a shot of downtown … (0 comments)

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