home staging: COMPASSIONATE CONSULTATIONS for Staging Your Short Sale - 04/16/11 09:20 AM
Once upon a time we bought a home in a family friendly neighborhood, raised our family and watched our investment appreciate in value. We looked forward to the day when we would list our house, entertain offers and hand over the keys. We dreamed of the day we would sail into the sunset with our nest egg and live happily ever after....that was going to be our story until a new reality altered our plan.
When our reality contains less than the fairy tale ending, we find that we have come to a fork in the road and we may … (2 comments)

home staging: My Lesson in Building my Brand - 03/25/11 12:58 PM
My husband is a career salesman...for the past 20 years he has been making presentations to national companies around the country and internationally.   He has introduced products into previously untapped markets and he has built brands. I knew I was a Home Stager, I hadn't thought of myself as a sales person.  Now I realize that is exactly what I am in the process of being.  Before I can step in to give a consultation, present a bid, or stage a home, I must first make a great impression on you to purchase my product.  I am my Brand My product … (44 comments)

home staging: Changes and New Beginnings - 11/04/10 12:21 PM
So many things are dancing across my mind.The trees outside are beginning to turn into a vibrant display of colors. Changing from the familiar greens that have graced the neighborhood since last spring and into the fiery reds, and brilliant yellows, soft greens and golden browns that will flash for a moment and then make way for the crisp, barren branches of winter.Seasons change, with or without the turning of a calendar page, the seasons change.Life changes, with or without the fanfare of grandeur. In loud announcements and in quiet moments, life changes.Soon the familiar makes way for the adventure of … (0 comments)

home staging: Sweet Endings - 11/04/10 12:16 PM

I went on a Home Staging Consultation today. I spent an hour with a delightful homeowner....walked the property inside and out and came up with an extensive list of recommendations for getting her property ready for going on the market.Not all consultations end with a signed Agreement....some homeowners are DIY all the way, but I think there should be a sweet ending to every Blue Ribbon Staging experience :)...Don't you agree?Call me, we'll do a walk about :) … (0 comments)

home staging: Where Does Real Life Begin? - 11/04/10 12:13 PM
The process for home staging an owner occupied property is a challenging one: Where does the showroom end and real life begin? You will be asked to pack away some of your most treasured things, edit away your collections, and even step out of your comfortable furniture arrangements.And what will you gain for all your efforts?...A property with clean lines, a warm feel, and room for Mr. and Mrs. Buyer to see how their life will now fit at your address. Remember it's not "personal"...it's Home Staging!Get ready, moving day is just around the corner...box up the memory pieces, edit … (0 comments)

home staging: Too Much of a Good Thing - 11/04/10 12:05 PM
When it comes to cleaning, there's a familiar saying, "Your stuff is junk, and my junk is stuff."I think it applies to a lot of corners in our life...our office cubicle, our overstuffed purses, the trunks of our cars...and our homes.We bring our treasures home and surround ourselves with the memories. We look at the treasures on our shelves and we are reminded of the moments of our life. Our treasures remind us, they comfort us, and they keep us company. When we list our homes for sale, our homes become products on the shelf.Mr. and Mrs. Buyer begin the process … (0 comments)

home staging: It's Nothing Personal...... - 11/04/10 12:03 PM
I caught myself thinking today about my adorable grandson...here he is at three months old, and in a few short weeks he will be blowing out TWO candles on his birthday cake. In the past two years I have seen him only a handful of times. They live in Ohio...we live in Washington. I purchase a new photo card every time I am going to see him. And every photo card ends up with HUNDREDS of pictures of him...smiling, running, eating, sleeping...well you get the idea, I am a proud Grammy :)But...as cute as he is, and he IS cute....and … (2 comments)

home staging: Visual Markets - 11/03/10 09:16 PM
I love the Jetsons...homes in the sky, cars that fly, dogs that talk and picture phones. It's the perfect world that we were all going to live in when we entered the space age.I don't know about your home, but mine is still grounded on earth, my car still runs on tires touching asphalt, my dog barks, and the picture phones ...well, c'mom, those are pretty cool!Every week we SKYPE a visit with our family living 3,000 miles away...have you heard of it? From our computer in Washington we are transported to a living room in Ohio. We watch as songs … (0 comments)

home staging: Create Something Extraordinary - 11/03/10 09:12 PM
I just simply couldn't resist this...not that I have a "Sam" in my life, but I find the "Goodnite" irresistibly sweet.These simple, every day items interrupted my day and got me to thinking...So much of life is wrapped up in our ability to create.Writers take letters and create masterpieces of journalism.Designers take scraps of fabric and create fashion.Bakers take flour and sugar and create everything delicious.and...ASP Home Stagers take bits and pieces of ordinary and create something extraordinary.Passion and creativity combine in a simply beautiful way as staging changes are orchestrated. We enter a property, not really knowing what we will … (2 comments)

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