north georgia: 823 Old Silver Mine Rd on Fightingtown Creek for Sale - 08/05/16 01:31 AM
"Catch of the Day" on North Georgia’s premier trout stream – FIGHTINGTOWN CREEK
Gorgeous Fightingtown Creek Front Mountain Cabin on one of Georgia’s most popular trout streams!  Fightingtown falls slightly short of being classified a river by state of Georgia. Fish and Tube from your own private, level backyard fronting wide and flowing creek.  Great firepit, picnic table and grill ready for cooking up the catch of the day.  Don’t delay, start making memorable gatherings with family and friends as your children splash around in the cool, clean, clear mountain stream.  Memories your children will cherish the rest of their lives!
Retire to … (6 comments)

north georgia: Finally, Good News on the FHA Loan Front - 09/03/14 03:15 AM
HUD announced a new loan program that will come out this Fall called HAWK (homeowners armed with knowledge).
In summary it goes like this if you have not owned a home for 3 years:
* take a 6 hour HUD education class
* your upfront MIP goes down from 1.75% to 1.25%
* the monthly MIP goes down from 1.35% to 1.25% and
* if you take an additional 1 hour POST closing class, the monthly MIP can go down to 1.1%
Good news on the FHA loan front for first time homebuyers and all the short sale, foreclosure, bankruptcy … (1 comments)

north georgia: But the Internet Said My House is Worth... - 09/03/14 12:17 AM
This morning, once again, I have several articles flooding my email inbox about the status of the housing market.  And as usual, each article conflicts with another.  Well, hello Confusion!   I feel so bad for the home buyer and seller these days with all the various media outlets constantly spewing information which hardly ever seems to agree from one source to another.
Housing is up, no it’s down; building is up, no building is down – up/down, up/down; well, you get the drift.  I even read a recent article calling 2004 through 2014 the “lost decade” stating that prices … (6 comments)

north georgia: My Top Picks for Playing in the Water in North Georgia - 06/05/14 07:19 AM
One of the most popular pastime's in the summer, is playing in the water.  It's cool, refreshing and brings out the kid in everyone.  It boggles my mind why people flock to a man-made waterpark with hundreds of people sharing the same water in a confined space over what nature so generously provides. 
Here are my top 5 picks for playing in the water in North Georgia's Blue Ridge Mountains:
#1 Morganton Point Overlooks beautiful clear 3,290-acre Lake Blue Ridge in the north Georgia mountains. It has 44 campsites, 8 picnic sites, fresh water, hot showers, flush toilets, swimming, waterskiing, … (0 comments)

north georgia: Ready to Serve North Georgia Metro and Blue Ridge Mountains - 05/21/14 10:02 PM
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north georgia: The Wonders of Nature - Rare Lunar Moth Sighting - 05/14/14 02:01 AM
Rare and Short Lived Lunar Moth
Based on the climate in which they live, the Luna Moths produce differing numbers of generations. In Canada and northern regions, they can live up to 7 days and will produce only one generation per year. These reach adulthood from early June to early July. In the northeastern United States around New Jersey or New York, the moths produce two generations each year. The first of these appear in April and May, and the second group can be seen approximately nine to eleven weeks later. In the southern United States, there can be as many as three generations. These are spaced every eight to ten … (9 comments)

north georgia: Steps to Interior Painting - So Many Colors - 04/28/14 12:48 AM
Paint Primer: One Room, Many Colors
If you’ve had success painting accent walls in your home, maybe you’re ready to take the next big step with your interior painting: creating a multi-color paint scheme using three or four different colors in the same room. Paint and color expert Debbie Zimmer, who is with the Paint Quality Institute, says that if you want to tackle this project, you need to look at the room’s wall space in a whole new light. She suggests that you envision your walls as large, empty canvasses that often have several components.
For example, if there … (3 comments)

north georgia: Seven Steps When House Hunting - 03/13/14 11:10 PM
Seven Steps When House Hunting

north georgia: Pace Slow but Real Estate is Indeed Moving Forward - 03/12/14 04:18 AM
  Pace Slow but Real Estate is Indeed Moving Forward     … (0 comments)

north georgia: What Buyers Should Know About Earnest Money Deposits - 03/09/14 01:06 PM
It’s important for buyers to understand “Earnest Money” deposit since payments made before closing may not be treated the same in all transactions. How the Earnest Money will be handled is usually spelled out in the purchase and sales contract. You (the buyer) should consult with an attorney if you do not understand the purpose or disposition of payment terms or any other terms in the contract.
Let’s start with some basic questions and answers:
What is Earnest Money?
It is good faith money that the buyer usually gives to the seller’s agent or may give to the buyer’s agent … (4 comments)

north georgia: Lake Nottely Home Under Contract Less than 30 Days - 03/05/14 04:29 AM
Great remodeled lake front home on popular Lake Nottely in North Georgia!  Home on market less than 30 days now under contract!  Anyone looking for a lake home, call me today!  This makes #3 in the the last couple of months.  Tweet @move2northGA 

north georgia: Easy Tips for Selling a Vacant Home - 03/03/14 10:41 PM
Easy Tips for Selling a Vacant Home
Once all of the content belonging to the house has been removed, you will really notice all sorts of imperfections that you never paid attention to before - holes in the walls, worn carpet, dinginess. Everything stands out in an empty house.  What you see is what buyers see! A little paint can work wonders, replace worn carpet, and probably most important of all, make
   everything "shine" - keep it spiffy clean.
To get rid of the “empty house” feeling, leave a few pieces of furniture in good … (3 comments)

north georgia: Should I Buy a Vacation Home? - 02/26/14 10:11 PM

Should I Buy a Vacation Home? A critical component to the overall answer is personal based on one's own financial landscape and goals.  That aside, Where? and ask yourself "Why" ?? are you thinking about buying a vacation home. The obvious is for personal enjoyment more than likely. But perhaps the focus is more for investment purposes or a place for a permanent retirement haven in a few years, in which case can put you ahead of the game now. There are some tax benefits such as mortgage interest and property taxes which are deductible and help to offset the house … (1 comments)

north georgia: Tips to Improve Your Home's Energy Efficiency - 02/26/14 01:30 AM
This winter with snow, ice and colder than typical temps for the North Georgia area feels like spring may never come.  For some, me for instance, the last snow/ice event was too much for my electric heat pump.  Just before the motor gave its last push to heat my house, I detected a burning smell.  It did not take  long to discover it was my heating system and shut it off immediately. No doubt, this was the time to call in a professional.
Even though spring has not officially started, now is the time for homeowners to consider home improvements that will add comfort … (6 comments)

north georgia: North Georgia's Spring Tonic Harvested in Blue Ridge Mountains - 02/24/14 09:54 PM
North Georgia's Spring Tonic Harvested in Blue Ridge Mountains  
I am a southern gal for sure and Georgia home grown but I admit, I do not recall ever hearing about “ramps” in reference to a vegetable.  Ramps are spring onions, wild leeks, wood leeks and wild garlic. I do know about spring onions and leeks and even garlic (my personal favorite); just never heard them called ramps. 
In case you are not familiar with “ramps” either, they are the first green vegetable to emerge in the spring in the North Georgia Mountains.  Do not look for these along the … (5 comments)

north georgia: Are You a Lake Enthusiast? Great Lake Nottely Home For Sale - 02/22/14 06:27 AM

north georgia: Need Somewhere to Stay? Historic Blue Ridge Bed and Breakfast Inn - 02/22/14 01:04 AM
Blue Ridge Georgia Bed and Breakfast Accommodations   The Historic Blue Ridge Inn Bed and Breakfast
This charming bed and breakfast in downtown Blue Ridge was originally built as a home and it represents one of the oldest residences in the county.   Visitors from all over the country have discovered this gem.   Today our firm held our monthly meeting at the Inn.  Inn keepers Cecilia Mitchell and Dena Martin gave our associates a tour and the history of the Inn and provided us with homemade breakfast treats and beverages.
We learned the Inn was originally known as the Kincaid … (1 comments)

north georgia: A Taste of Spring is in the Air in the Blue Ridge Mountains - 02/22/14 12:37 AM
A taste of spring is in the air this weekend in the Blue Ridge Mountains.  So pretty outside weatherwise, even though a little nippy this morning but blue skies and clear viewing across Lake Blue Ridge to the Blue Ridge Mountains beyond. The temp is sure to push 70 as the day warms. Plenty of sunshine to go around.
A wonderful day to "unplug" for a little bit and take a walk with my two cocker spaniels and five (yes, five) cats!  I am not the crazy old cat lady but sometimes, I wonder.  I rescue cats and darn, if I … (2 comments)

north georgia: Frosty Takes a Bite Out of Housing - 02/20/14 10:57 PM
 Snow 2014 - North Georgia Blue Ridge Mountains
Frosty takes a bite out of housing!

Maybe we won't be singing the winter time blues much longer! What a difference a week makes. In the North Georgia area, about this time last week, we were still dealing with snow and some ice. However, this week, temps were in the upper 60s, pushing 70 in places. 
What is not clear as yet, is how much of an impact the winter weather had on our local real estate market.  But what is clear, is when the North Georgia Mountains are covered in snow, … (2 comments)

north georgia: Mercier's Orchards - Customer Appreciation Day - 02/20/14 04:09 AM
Mercier Orchards is a beautiful apple orchard which opened back in 1943 by Bill and Adele Mercier. Still family owned and operated and celebrating 70 years of fruitful harvest! This is a "must-do" when visiting Blue Ridge. A huge favorite among locals and visitors alike. Strawberries, cherries, blueberries, peaches, plums, nectarines and of course apples! are currently grown and harvested.
Events such as U-PICK, kite flying, kids baking classes, along with a deli, bakery and farm winery make this a perfect outing for everyone.  Kids will really get a kick out picking their own apples!
Come by the store on … (2 comments)

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