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I've been seeing these things a lot lately.  Those black tubes stretched across the various roadways I drive.  At first I thought they were some kind of traffic enforcement device and there were cops lurking nearby waiting for suckers like me to fly over them at unlawful speeds.  But no, they are...
 10,007.  Every point, every blog, every step has been worth it.  A huge thank you to the AR community for your help in reaching my first 10,000 points.  Yeah, it's about more than that, but as we all know, we are in a goal-oriented industry.  We are measured by our performance.  Closed loans.  C...
 No, this isn't a Texas Hold 'Em advice column.  I pretty much stink at cards because as soon as I get a good hand, my ears turn red and I start laughing.  Needless to say, I've lost a lot of $20 bills in friendly games with a group of guys gathered in a garage around a bowl of cheese puffs and p...
 About a month ago Kate Bourland bestowed upon me the wonderful honor of a Me-Me nomination.  In true loan officer fashion, I closed this transaction in 30 days.  Here we go folks.A Handful of Things You May or May Not Want to Know About Me:1.  A life supply of red pens.  Before the mortgage biz,...
 I just read an article about the 2007 Chicago Marathon and my calf muscles cramped just thinking about what these 25,000 people went through.  In case you hadn't heard about it, Chicago had an unseasonably warm race day, to the tune of 82 degrees and 78% humidity at the start of the race.  Not a...
 The Superbowl has come and gone, but the memories of the commercials linger in the air like the smell of wet socks.  From what I heard, a 30-second time slot ran the advertisers something like $2.7M.  Or $100,000 a second.  Just you reading my first three sentences would've cost $500,000, if you...


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