loan: Are We Headed Toward 7% Mortgage Rates? - 06/11/09 02:07 PM
 Seriously, I'm holding out until rates goes to 4%.  The newspaper and media experts all told me it would happen.  Heck, even the US Treasury Department talked about it.
But here we are at 5.75% (in a matter of a few weeks, after being closer to 4.875% for months) and there's a pretty good chance we are headed toward 7%.  Many blogs ago, I predicted we'd hit 5% (rates were about 6.25% at the time) and just this evening a fellow brother in the mortgage industry, KEVIN HANCOCK, commented on my lucky prognosticating and asked where I thought we were heading.  Back to … (5 comments)

loan: The Quest for the Holy Sale - 03/18/09 05:18 AM
 Imagine this.  You've toiled and traveled months, years even, and you feel as if you have come to the end of your rope.  You look to the heavens in outright desperation, and then the clouds part, and it appears.  The Holy Sale.  Angels sing.
It seems like that is the tale of every mortgage consultant these days.  We are working so hard to get things done.  Transactions aren't just a stroll through the countryside, they are brutal journeys through the most treacherous landscape known to man.  Underwriting.
We are now in the world of appraisal reviews, guideline changes, rising credit score … (0 comments)

loan: The Leaning Tower of Me-za - 02/06/08 03:17 PM
 About a month ago Kate Bourland bestowed upon me the wonderful honor of a Me-Me nomination.  In true loan officer fashion, I closed this transaction in 30 days.  Here we go folks.
A Handful of Things You May or May Not Want to Know About Me:
1.  A life supply of red pens.  Before the mortgage biz, I actually taught high school English for 12 years.  Loved almost every second of it and I miss it every day.  It's tough for me to read the blatant improper use of the word pairings there/their and your/you're from Active Rain members, but I'm learning to let … (6 comments)

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