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Sales professionals are always looking for an edge, and there is no more competitive industry than the world or real estate and mortgage professionals.  When it comes to sales, results count for everything, and the people who can regularly get people to say “yes,” and sign on the dotted line are ...
This week a startling announcement came out of the NBA, documenting that Shaquille O’Neal has bought into the Sacramento Kings.  O’Neal, hall of fame center for the Magic and Lakers and Heat, racking up championship rings, sound bytes, and monster dunks along the way, became a minority owner, in...
On the eve of October, a frightening deadline looms.  That’s because if Republicans and Democrats can’t come to terms on a new Federal budget, the Federal government will shut down starting October 1.  For those of you keep track at home, that’s a complete debilitation of the largest economy in t...
Blue Water Credit LLC, a family-owned credit restoration firm based out of Roseville, is now a proud member of an exclusive club.  The Sacramento Business Journal released its list of the top 50 fastest-growing companies, listing Blue Water at #19.      The list, compiled by senior researcher Sha...
We like to feel safe.  It’s one of humankind's most primal urges, especially if we are raising a family or making a big investment by purchasing a home.  But how can we really tell if a neighborhood is safe?  We can talk to our neighbors, or pay attention to the headlines in the newspaper, but i...
  Online fraud is one of the fastest growing forms of crime, reaching epidemic proportions in a nexus of technology and cruel anonymity that defies international borders.  The highest instance of fraud attempts are now aimed at businesses, violating their often-weak or nonexistent firewalls to ac...
They say there are uptown problems and downtown problems, and U.S. mortgage giants Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac are now facing the former.  The nation’s mortgage giants have gone from rankled and cash-strapped to ultra profitable with a few short years, bringing on a new set of challenges, and now...
We love Sacramento, the capital city known for its trees and rivers, the NBA's Kings, and real estate volatility.  It's true, the 916 and surrounding areas enjoyed white hot growth during the real estate boom, and then went "thud" with equal fervor when the bubble burst, launching it into some of...

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