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43 Fun Facts about ATM machines.   History.   1. There are several highly contested claims as to who originally invented the Automatic Teller Machine.   2. One version is that the ATM machine was invented by Luther George Simijan, a US inventor with many patents, back in 1939.  The mechanical (no...
  1.  The total U.S. outstanding revolving debt was $870.4 billion as of April, 2014.   2.  The average value of a credit card transaction in the U.S. is $94.   3.  37 percent of small-businesses say their businesses have relied on credit cards to meet capital needs in the 12 months.   4.  80 per...
  Higher education has a bigger price tag than ever – far outpacing our rise in income - and it’s distancing a lot of lower and middle class families from the hopes of sending their kids to college or university. That’s the consensus of new data published by the reputable think tank, the Pew Inst...
25 Fun facts about Father's Day.   1. There are two stories of how Father’s Day came about, one that dates back to West Virginia in 1908, and the other to Spokane, Washington around the same year.  2. On July 5, 1908, a West Virginia church hosted the country’s first event in honor of fathers on ...
Your Student Loan Repayment Study Sheet.   What are student loans costing us? Student loan debt has exploded over the past few years, from a total of $579 billion in 2008 to $1.02 trillion at the end of 2013.  This near double of student loans over only a 5-year period accounts for the majority o...
ActiveRain is the hottest online community geared toward real estate agents, loan officers, brokers, and other related professionals like appraisers, stagers, home inspectors, etc.  It's an invaluable social network by Trulia that allows you to interact with peers, share education, and form rela...


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