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Is student loan consolidation right for you?     Blue Water Credit is proud to announce we’ve been approved to provide student loan assistance.  We can now help you explore all of your options, including student loan consolidation, rehabilitation, and even possible forgiveness. Is student loan co...
Funny money; counterfeiting in the U.S.A.   The United States economy is the biggest in the world, not only with our own citizens spending billions of dollars a day but as the accepted universal currency of business abroad.  But in the shadows, there are plenty of industrious criminals at work co...
Does the average person really understand credit?   I came across this info graphic today and wanted to share it with you.  It illustrates the need for education and a better understanding of credit and credit scoring.  Blue Water Credit is happy to help!In a random survey of 1,000 Americans:20% ...
Educating the public about the Credit Repair Organizations Act.   While most credit repair companies work hard to provide a valuable service to their clients, there are still some who over promise and under deliver, or even commit fraud.  Like any industry (and particular the real estate/mortgage...
20 College majors that land the lowest paying jobs.   With the cost of a college education higher than ever, it’s important for students and parents to carefully plan a student’s major.  With 70% of graduates holding student loans to the average tune of $25k or more, choosing the right major – an...
We're living in gift card nation!   How big is the gift card industry? In 2012 alone gift cards reached $28.79 billion in sales, and they are expected to increase dramatically every year thanks to new consumer shopping habits of shopping online, with digital commerce, etc.  They are so popular th...


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