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    Pretty soon, we may be seeing a new face on the old, familiar twenty-dollar bill, thanks to the efforts of a campaign called Women on 20s. Since 1920, the likeness of President Andrew Jackson has graced the twenty, but the movement to replace him with a famous woman from American history has...
How the coming Fed rate hike will affect the average consumer - and how to best safeguard your finances. In June, some very important people will meet to make some decisions that will reroute the trajectory of the U.S. economy. The “Fed,” led by Federal Reserve Chair Janet Yellen, will have one d...
   Every adult in the United States has a credit score, right? Not so fast, as recent studies show that a large percentage of the population actually are without a score at all, or have credit histories that are so sparse that they’re unusable. Those are the findings of a study released last week...
ents  When it comes to men and women, which sex can claim top honors for their credit scores? A recent study by the credit bureau Experian revealed some interesting differences about men and women when it comes to managing their credit and knowledge about how scores and reporting work, and it may...

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