consumer protection: To get the extended warranty or not, that is the question. - 07/09/15 02:13 PM
Many retailers now offer extended service plans or warranties for an additional cost, covering you in the event that your laptop or phone or major appliances goes kaput sooner or later. But is it worth the extra cost? Statistically, the answer is probably “no” for most items. "From a purely economic standpoint,” says Rajiv Sinha, marketing professor at Arizona State University, “It usually doesn't make sense to buy an extended warranty." But there are times and circumstances where you may feel better protecting your big purchases. So today we’ll share 30 tips, facts, and pointers on the cost of that additional service plan:1.     Selling extended … (0 comments)

consumer protection: Educating the public about the Credit Repair Organizations Act. - 07/11/14 11:14 PM
Educating the public about the Credit Repair Organizations Act.   While most credit repair companies work hard to provide a valuable service to their clients, there are still some who over promise and under deliver, or even commit fraud.  Like any industry (and particular the real estate/mortgage/and financial sector during the Boom years) it’s important that consumers know their rights and the laws in place to protect them.  Today, we will educate you about one particular law, the Credit Repair Organizations Act.
This statute, first signed by President Bill Clinton on September 30, 1996, ratifies into law legislation drafted to clean up … (1 comments)

consumer protection: New legislation hopes to shake up the credit reporting industry. - 04/29/14 02:22 PM

U.S. consumers may be getting a valuable ally when it comes to correctly reporting their credit scores if newly introduced legislation gets passed.  A bill sponsored by U.S. Senators Sherrod Brown (D-OH) and Brian Schatz (D-HI,) among others, would call for accuracy and accountability from the credit bureaus when it comes to reporting consumers’ credit. The Stop Errors in Credit Use and Reporting (SECURE) Act of 2014 would give the public an avenue for transparency in reporting, a way to access free credit reports, and a way to dispute and correct inaccuracies under protection of the law.     Errors aren’t harmless since … (0 comments)

consumer protection: Answering your important questions about credit repair. - 02/17/14 08:14 AM
What is credit repair? Credit repair is the process of trying to improve your credit score.  Lenders use your credit report and credit score in order to judge your reliability as a loan candidate. Your credit report indicates your ability to handle debt responsibly and will help banks decide if you are a desirable loan customer, so cleaning up negative and inaccurate items will raise that score and help you save money.   How is your credit score computed? Your credit score is determined by an algorithm developed by the Fair Issue Corporation (hence its other name of FICO score). Three corporations, … (0 comments)

consumer protection: Study reveals the CARD act is doing it's job of protecting consumers. - 12/28/13 06:22 PM

Way back in 2009, a law was instituted with the sole purpose of protecting American consumers from funny business by the credit card companies.  The law, called the Credit Card Accountability Responsibility and Disclosure Act, the CARD Act as it was conveniently called, enacted some major changes in the way banks can advertise, charge fees, assign interest rates, and made them more responsible for disclosure of terms.  So after these years have passed, how has it affected the public?  Economists recently released a report with some interesting answers to that question.   The CARD act introduced legislation to protect borrowers on several different … (0 comments)

consumer protection: Credit Bureaus use social media to prevent fraud...and spy? - 07/17/13 09:52 PM

There is a powerful new ally in the battle against online fraud and identity theft – social media.  Even the credit bureaus are using this tool to research the credit-worthiness and validity of consumers, alongside companies like EBay, Paypal, and Intuit.  Equifax and Experian are running trials to see if social media posts can help dissuade fraud, verify identities, and even see if consumers are lying about their financial situation. 
Every day hundreds of millions, if not billions, of people use social media sites like Facebook, Pinterest, Twitter, etc. to share sensitive personal information through user profiles, public postings, and … (2 comments)

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