credit cards: Americans are still buried in credit card debt...but have a shovel. - 07/09/15 02:01 PM
 Recent findings from the Federal Reserve revealed that Americans are still buried in debt even after the recession and financial recovery. In fact, as a nation we now have $884.8 billion of credit card debt, not to mention our rising student loan and medical debt. And while our credit card debt totals are down approximately 5% since last year, analysts point out that’s because so many people have defaulted on large amounts of debt, not that we’re paying it off. But with the stock market booming, things looking rosy in the real estate sector, and optimistic employment numbers, people often look … (1 comments)

credit cards: 20 Shocking facts about credit and debt. - 06/28/14 01:47 PM
1.  The total U.S. outstanding revolving debt was $870.4 billion as of April, 2014.   2.  The average value of a credit card transaction in the U.S. is $94.   3.  37 percent of small-businesses say their businesses have relied on credit cards to meet capital needs in the 12 months.   4.  80 percent of business cards included an “any time” clause which gives the bank issuers the right to change account terms at any time with little or no notice and the cardholder cannot opt out.   5.  Consumers are holding fewer credit cards.  The average number of credit … (1 comments)

credit cards: How much can you save with lower interest rates? - 02/17/14 08:13 AM
A little number won’t make a big difference, right?  Too often, that’s the mentality consumers have when purchasing things and using debt to pay for it, whether it’s a new car, putting that big vacation on a credit card, or even taking out a mortgage loan for their house.  Wrapped up in the minutiae and excited about the purchase, consumers often take the first loan that is given to them or don’t adequately research or shop around for the best interest rates.  But the difference in payments you make over the life of the loan can be HUGE!  In fact, the … (1 comments)

credit cards: Study reveals the CARD act is doing it's job of protecting consumers. - 12/28/13 06:22 PM

Way back in 2009, a law was instituted with the sole purpose of protecting American consumers from funny business by the credit card companies.  The law, called the Credit Card Accountability Responsibility and Disclosure Act, the CARD Act as it was conveniently called, enacted some major changes in the way banks can advertise, charge fees, assign interest rates, and made them more responsible for disclosure of terms.  So after these years have passed, how has it affected the public?  Economists recently released a report with some interesting answers to that question.   The CARD act introduced legislation to protect borrowers on several different … (0 comments)

credit cards: Will paying off/closing credit cards help or hurt your credit score? - 10/26/13 11:35 PM
When it comes to managing your use of credit to keep a good score, one of the biggest sources of confusion is about closing tradelines.  Many people have old or unused credit cards, bank cards, or other lines, and often inadvertently close or cancel them, thinking it will help their credit score.  Most of the time they actually end up hurting their credit score.  Let me explain why:   First off, I completely understand people’s thinking when they close an unused or old credit card. Common sense would dictate they’re doing something financial responsible by paying a debt down to 0$ and closing it out, … (0 comments)

credit cards: 10 Surefire Ways to Start Saving Big $ Every Month! - 08/17/13 11:26 AM
Face it, we’re all looking to cut costs somehow, whether it’s just to make spend less than we make and get by, or because we should be putting more away for retirement and the kids’ college.  So your friends at put together a comprehensive checklist of ways you could possibly save money.  You may save a little, or a lot, but either way it all counts if it ends up in the right place – your wallet!    Before you go down this list in earnest, start collecting all of your monthly bills and put them in one place.  It helps to also … (0 comments)

credit cards: What a Difference a Point Makes. - 07/17/13 09:47 PM
Have you ever heard the song lyrics, “What a difference a day makes?”  When it comes to your credit score, a few points can make a big difference in your finances.  The average American has a credit score of 687 (as of 2011), but by raising it even a few points they can save big amounts of money.  Here are 8 ways a higher credit score can save you big bucks!
A good credit score is fundamental to getting the best rates and terms on a home loan – or getting approved at all.  Due to the way mortgage payments are spread out … (0 comments)

credit cards: Battle of the sexes or the Amexes? Men and women's credit card habits. - 07/16/13 11:15 PM

Men and women are different, that much we know, so divided that the most popular relationship book of all time is “Men are from Mars, Women from Venus.”  But do the sexes manage their credit cards differently, too?     We might have preconceived notions of how men and women use their credit cards: are women really going on shoe shopping sprees that make their cards smoke?  Are men buying too many big shiny toys to stockpile in their man caves?   Let’s find out.  The website did a yearlong study about the personal use of credit card debt, and the differences between … (0 comments)

credit cards: Automatic payments - convenient service or costly trap? - 07/16/13 11:08 PM

These days it seems like every company is offering to enroll you in an automatic payment program.  While they claim auto pay is a service solely for your convenience, they’re not doing it out of the goodness of their hearts.  In fact, auto pay provides a lot of security, control, and extra income opportunities for the companies who are billing you.    I just saw a charge on my own bank statement the other day for an auto pay with a phone service I cancelled two years ago. When I called them up to dispute the charges (which had posted every single month, unknown … (0 comments)

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