real estate: Creative ways to save for a down payment to buy a house. - 07/09/15 02:04 PM
Have you thought longingly about buying your first home, only to cancel out that dream once you look at the down payment requirements? It’s true that a mortgage payment often costs less than renting these days, and there are fantastic benefits to home ownership like equity appreciation and tax breaks, but there’s no getting around the fact that they need a whole lot of money, all at once and up front, in order to buy, right? 
Maybe not. The good news is that there are more great loan products hitting the market that appeal to first time buyers. So with a little … (0 comments)

real estate: Fun and rare facts about Monopoly, the world’s real estate game. - 03/05/14 02:55 PM

The world’s most successful real estate agents buy and sell properties with reckless abandon, endeavoring to develop whole streets with houses and hotels, bankrupting their competition while trying to stay out of jail.  It may sound like real life but we’re talking about Monopoly, the most popular board game ever.  In fact, since it’s creation more than 100 years ago, 280 million sets have been sold and more than 1 billion people play in 111 countries.  Here are some other fun facts about our first childhood lesson with buying and selling property:   Monopoly was first conceived in the early 1900’s by Elizabeth … (1 comments)

real estate: The NAR's crystal ball reveals stability, cautious optimism in 2014. - 11/22/13 06:18 PM
  What will 2014 hold for our real estate market? Well, of course we don’t have a crystal ball, but the closest thing may be a report that was just released by the National Association of Realtors.  Chief economist Lawrence Yun, often seen as a rosy proponent of the real estate market for obvious reasons, instead preached balance and cautious optimism in his report.   The main points of the housing forecast?    Yun predicted that sales will remain flat at around 5.1 million units sold. Overall, prices will appreciate by about 6%. Interest rates, now hovering at the 4.16% mark, will jump … (2 comments)

real estate: Sacramento real estate by the numbers - statistics as of August 2013. - 09/01/13 07:47 PM
We love Sacramento, the capital city known for its trees and rivers, the NBA's Kings, and real estate volatility.  It's true, the 916 and surrounding areas enjoyed white hot growth during the real estate boom, and then went "thud" with equal fervor when the bubble burst, launching it into some of the highest foreclosure rates in the country.  But a few years later, it seems the market has righted itself and Sacramento again is enjoying measured, and cautious, growth.
Don't take our word for it - here are some statistics that reveal the true state of the real estate market … (1 comments)

real estate: The 20 Most Expensive Real Estate Markets. - 08/03/13 04:23 AM
These days it seems like a warming real estate market is all the talk, with appreciation driving prices higher with all of the vigor we saw a decade ago, before the real estate bubble let us all down.  However, appreciation comes and goes, but some markets hold their value no matter what the economy looks like.  So we looked at a recent article in Bloomberg BusinessWeek that ranked the top 20 most expensive real estate markets in the country.  Even though this data is a few years old, it should be an accurate representation of real estate values. 
Some of these were quite surprising!  Predictably, … (0 comments)

real estate: Fannie Mae finds increasing rates have little effect on home prices. - 08/03/13 04:21 AM
If we’re listening to Fannie Mae, the jump in mortgage interest rates over the last weeks will have little or no impact on home prices.  The mortgage giant released a report that studies the history of interest rates and the housing market all the way back to 1990, concluding that higher rates may slow down the number of home sales but no affect appreciation or the prices of homes.
"History suggests that interest rate increases at the level recently witnessed will not stop the current housing recovery," the report stated.
The comprehensive study of mortgage rates, home prices, and sales … (0 comments)

real estate: 5 Ways to Prepare Before Buying Your First Home. - 07/17/13 09:40 PM

Are you thinking about buying your first home?  You’re not alone – this year it’s estimated that hundreds of thousands of people will take that big step into the American Dream and purchase their first home.  That process can be at times confusing, overwhelming, and sometimes downright scary, but usually turns out to be the best (and happiest) investment you’ll ever make.   
The good news is that there are ways to prepare for your first home purchase.  It’s recommended you start planning and strategizing about 6-12 months before you are ready to sit in a realtor’s car and … (0 comments)

real estate: How long should you keep financial documents? - 07/16/13 11:07 PM
  Last weekend it rained cats and dogs, so instead of enjoying a sunny summer day, I went into the basement to clean out the mountain of boxes and bins that had piled up, filled with my financial paperwork.  I pulled up a chair and started opening boxes and looking through all of the documents: a decade of of tax returns, shoe boxes bursting with receipts, and stacks of bank statements spanning back a decade.  “Why hadn’t I thrown some of this out before?” I asked myself as I unpacked it all and tried to form organized piles of paper without causing a … (0 comments)

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