save money: To get the extended warranty or not, that is the question. - 07/09/15 02:13 PM
Many retailers now offer extended service plans or warranties for an additional cost, covering you in the event that your laptop or phone or major appliances goes kaput sooner or later. But is it worth the extra cost? Statistically, the answer is probably “no” for most items. "From a purely economic standpoint,” says Rajiv Sinha, marketing professor at Arizona State University, “It usually doesn't make sense to buy an extended warranty." But there are times and circumstances where you may feel better protecting your big purchases. So today we’ll share 30 tips, facts, and pointers on the cost of that additional service plan:1.     Selling extended … (0 comments)

save money: Bank fees make millions off unsuspecting consumers. - 07/09/15 01:59 PM
If you’re like most people, you probably don’t conduct a lot of research when you open a bank account. Most likely, you go with a bank that’s close to your home or work, is a big national name that you think you can trust, or do business with them because they’re giving out a free toaster (or whatever incentives they use these days.) After all, banks are all the same, right? Wrong. In fact, most banks are making money hand over fist off their clientele with fees, often undisclosed or confusing, at best.
To understand how banks operate in the first place, … (0 comments)

save money: Don't go shopping online without these discount codes. - 12/07/13 01:45 PM

  The day after Thanksgiving, Black Friday, is almost upon us, a day that has become its own faux-holiday as consumers drive to the malls at ridiculous hours and wait in long lines for discounts.  But some of us prefer to stay in a warm bed and sip coffee, not mentally up to the torturous proposition of enduring the mall craziness.  By doing so, we’ll lose out on all of those specials and great discounts, right?   Not necessarily – IF you shop online and take advantage of discount codes.  Discount codes – also called promotional codes and wrapped into the online coupon model … (3 comments)

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