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Avoid Home Damage from Frozen Pipes Texas weather can change quickly, especially in the winter. It's going to be warm and sunny and 75 degrees today in our area. By tomorrow night we are supposed to be in the low to mid 20's.  Our cold fronts can cause temperatures to drop below freezing within h...
Come join us Wednesday February the 9th from 11-4 for RE/MAX Space Center "Miracle at Main Event", Benefiting Texas Children's Hospital and Children's Miracle Network The Main Event is in Webster (NE Corner of NASA Rd 1 Bypass and I-45), just 1 exit North of League City. Events included are:Bowl...
What do you know about the Lone Star State? If Texas were a country, it would be the 10th largest Country in the world. It would have the 12th  largest economy based on GDP in the world. Texas would be the 5th largest oil and gas producing country in the world. Texas is home to the largest inland...
As the New Year approaches it is a time of possibility and excitement. I big sense of opportunity for that great new start into the New Year.  Did you write out a busines plan, goals and resolutions for 2011?  Most succesful busines people do.  It CAN"T STOP THERE!   We're approaching the end of ...
Many years ago, (like 10) I had a home sale that turned out to be one of my favorite of all times. Not because of the size of the commission put because the buyer and his family were priceless. I had acquired 1/2doz listings from an investor that was liquidating is properties. One of these proper...
What is doing the right thing? Aren't there so many times when we are looking for that answer. we have the choice between door A and door B and we just don't know which is the better choice? But then there are those time when we do know. what is wrong and what is right. Do we act accordingly? You...
Who isn't!  Every buyer that I come across trying to buy a home in League City today is. So where are the good home deals? Even better yet what is a good home deal? A good deal is really in the eye of the beholder. I‘ve met many a home buyer who bought what they thought was a good new home deal f...
Trying to sell your home right now? Finding a buyer is just the 1st step. Getting the home to appraise is the 2nd. Sometimes... that can be a deal breaker. During our boom times many appraisals where coming back over inflated. Now we have the backlash after new guidelines passed in 2009 have cha...
We ARE in a world of technology overload.  I think so. But technology is here to stay."I hate technology."  "I don't have time for all this techie stuff."   "I make plenty of money without it."  I hear this from other realtors all the time.Real estate is a second or third career for many of us.  ...
Many home owners who got behind in their mortgages are now working again. They are making their current house paymkent but just can't catch up from falling behind. Wouldn't you think that the banks would want to work with them? After all we don't really want more forclosures hitting the market do...

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