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Sales of new homes were up 3.3 percent in April, the first increase in six months, according to the U.S. Commerce Department's monthly report.The rebound reflected a 41.7 percent surge in demand in the Northeast. Sales were up 8.3 percent in the West and 5.8 percent in the Midwest. They fell by 2...
Hungry for a little good real estate news? Leon d'Ancona, president of IMS Inc., has something to cheer you up.D'Ancona, who provides real estate information to the industry, has set up a Web site that lists 2,319 markets in the United States where homes are selling well. For instance, Loganville...
There are very few active buyers in the real estate market these days -- but every one of them seems to be looking to buy a foreclosure or a short sale. Foreclosure is a fairly well understood process, but as "short sale" signs sprout like weeds, you may wonder what it's all about. When a lender ...
Fannie Mae is preparing to introduce by midyear a program of refinancing mortgages for people who owe more than the current value of their homes, a situation known as being "underwater." The plan is the latest twist in efforts to contain the surge in foreclosures on homes in much of the U.S. It ...
Do you have an email list of clients, friends and acquaintances with whom you make contact on a regular basis?One of the most effective ways to increase sales is to build an email list and have a regular, value-oriented contact program.   How profitable can an email (or even offline database) be ...
If being in default and the threat of foreclosure aren't troubling enough, the thought of the IRS coming around after the fact is sure to keep sellers up all night.  They have all heard the stories of being tracked down by the tax man to pay taxes on "forgiven debt."  To them it's like a bad drea...
Found this article and tought you all can use it and share with your Clients as well :-) Homebuyers are looking for a steal; home sellers are looking for an out, and homebuilders and banks are selling homes at cut-rate prices. Combined, these conditions have triggered a wave of lowball offers to ...

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