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As the old saying goes, “There are only two certainties in life: death and taxes.”  Do you ever wonder (or if you haven't filed do you wonder) what happens if you file your return late or not at all?  The simple answer is penalties and more penalties, and if the problem goes on long enough, you m...
The best and easist solution for many of my clients in the Plano and Richardson areas of Texas, who come to me owing the IRS, is to set up on a Streamlined Installment Agreement. There are a few different types of Installment agreements that I covered last week. These included a Streamlined Agree...
I represent taxpayers in Richardson, TX as well as our cities within Texas.  When I meet with clients, the best solution for many of them is to set up an Installment Agreement.  An Installment agreement is a repayment plan with the IRS over time. However, all Installment Agreements are not alike....
With the largest tax law update in over 30 years, navigating the course with the new laws can be confusing. Businesses need to be aware of these changes and consult with their tax professional to get advice so they can be knowledgeable of their options.  Although the TCJA was first signed into la...
What is Currently Not Status?Currently Not Collectible Status (CNC) with the IRS means that the IRS has determined that according to their guidelines, the taxpayer does not have the ability to make monthly payments. The taxpayer’s income is used up by or exceeded by allowable expenses and does no...
What is Your Best Option for IRS Tax Debt – Uncollectible Status, Installment Agreement, or an Offer In Compromise. When I meet with clients in my Richardson, TX office, after meeting with them to hear their story, pulling their tax transcripts to get a full and accurate view of their tax issues ...
Why Are Tax Transcripts Important When Resolving IRS Debt?When Taxpayers come to me in my tax practice in Richardson, TX seeking relief from tax debt, the most critical place for me to start to understand their problem and how to address it is by Pulling their Tax Transcripts. While the taxpayer ...
There is a limit on how long the IRS has to Collect Tax Debt?It may surprise you, but the IRS has 10 years from the date of assessment to collect a tax debt from taxpayers including my clients in Richardson and Plano, TX. In most cases, after 10 years, the debt becomes uncollectible by the IRS. T...

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