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When clients come into our Richardson Tax office with IRS debt issues, most of the potential clients want to learn more about the Offer In Compromise process, or OIC for short. There are three different types of Offers in Compromise. Doubt as to Collectability – This type of offer is the most com...
If you watch TV, it’s likely that you’ve seen the commercials where Taxpayers who owe the IRS large sums of money, state that they were able to settle their tax debt for pennies on the dollar. When clients with tax debt,come into my office in Richardson, Texas, probably the most common question I...
A lot of small business owners from the Richardson and Plano TX area that come into our office have questions on the use of their Auto for business on their tax return.  Questions include: What can I deduct? Lease or buy? What miles count? Here are some general rules you need to know to make sure...
Did you know that most exams of personal returns with a Schedule C (Self-Employment) include requests for information on Car and Truck Expenses?   While the IRS recommends contemporaneous mileage logs, it does not require them. Mileage logs may be accepted in an audit if completed on a weekly or ...
Quickbooks and accounting software similar to Quickbooks, such as Xero, are now commonly used by small business owners to track their accounting records. For a fairly small price, it enables businesses to have financial reports, to assist them in running their business, and provides a database wh...
I have clients come into my Richardson, TX tax office wanting to sell their homes but believing that they are unable to due to an IRS lien filed against it.  The good news is that not only can you sell your home, but the IRS will be happy to allow you to sell your home, as long as it does not neg...
Paying Employees is a critical function for business owners. If an employer doesn’t pay their employees timely, they will not have a staff to operate their business. What happens when your company pays its employees but doesn’t file Payroll Tax filings timely or doesn’t make deposits for payroll ...
Did you know that you could have IRS Penalties Removed as a First Time Offender?  There are times when Taxpayers come into our Richardson TX tax office who have penalties assessed by the IRS that we are able to have abated or removed.  Th e dollar amount might be large or small but the key to hav...

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