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The IRS sends a CP2000 notice to taxpayers when the income or payment information on file with the IRS doesn’t match the information that was reported on your tax return. Due to that difference, there may be an increase, decrease, or no change to the tax reported.  Taxpayers come into our Richard...
Our firm frequently represents taxpayers in Richardson, TX, and other areas of Texas, who have had the IRS levy their bank accounts. The result of doing so can create chaos in the lives of those taxpayers  and a high level of stress with not knowing what is coming next. When these taxpayers come ...
Many small businesses elect to file income taxes as S-Corporations. As an S-Corporation, income taxes are not paid at the corporate level as C-Corporations are, but flow to the personal tax returns of their shareholders, where taxes are reported and paid.  One of the perceived advantages of elect...
When taxpayer’s come into my office in Richardson, TX related to IRS tax collection problems, the entire process often seems like a maze to them and they don’t know where to start. The first step for me is to just understand where they are in the process. Once I know where the client is in the co...
Taxpayers who come into our Richardson, TX tax office are sometimes confused by the difference between  Innocent Spouse vs. Injured Spouse tax relief. Today, we’ll outline the differences between the two. Injured Spouse Injured Spouse Relief occurs when a couple file a joint return and the refund...
You may have heard the term Fractional CFO and wondered what that means.   A Fractional CFO is typically a consultant who provides CFO (Chief Financial Officer) services to a business on a part time basis. A Fractional CFO is also referred to as a Part-Time CFO, Outsourced CFO, Virtual CFO, and a...
When taxpayers think of an IRS audit, many still think of going into an IRS office with all of their paperwork and sitting down with an IRS employee. They picture a tense situation, with the taxpayer bringing boxes of paper and being interrogated by the IRS employee.In reality, that’s not what mo...
When taxpayer’s come into my office in Richardson, TX related to IRS tax debt problems, IRS Liens are often the major issue they are working to resolve, and taxpayers want to know how to get rid of an IRS lien. There are two types of IRS liens: General or “Silent Lien” which is automatic by statu...
The majority of small businesses in the US use an Intuit product ("Quickbooks") for their businesses bookkeeping. The term “Quickbooks” can mean Quickbooks Online (QBO), one of the various Desktop Versions, or Quickbooks Enterprise that is oriented towards larger businesses. When business owners ...
The Collection Appeals Program or CAP is one remedy available to taxpayer who have a variety of IRS issues. CAP hearings can be valuable resource in some circumstances and it is one option that we consider when taxpayers come into our Richardson, TX office with tax problems. The right to a cap he...

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