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The stunning rise in the value of Bitcoin, along with the myriad of cryptocurrencies, is surely one of the biggest financial stories of the 21st century, at least so far. What started out as a mere curiosity and niche project for programmers and geeks has quickly blossomed into a full-fledged fin...
I wanted to share our most popular You Tube Video which is What is a CP2000 Notice and What To Do If You Receive One.  As a summary, a typical IRS audit today is a Correspondence Audit, which is typically completed primarily by mail.  Taxpayers may receive a Form CP2000 when the IRS has informati...
Our Richardson, TX tax firm frequently represents taxpayers in the DFW area, as well as other areas of Texas, who have had the IRS levy or garnish their wages through their employer.  Because this can account for a substantial portion of a taxpayer’s paycheck, it can create chaos with their finan...
I have taxpayers call or come into my Richardson, TX tax office asking if they should file their tax return if they believe they will owe the government but can’t pay the tax. Although I understand their apprehension of filing the return, my response is always that they should file their tax retu...
Today, I'm going to publish one of our most popular video's on Youtube titled "My Bank Account Has Been Levied:  What Can I Do".  If you know anyone who has been levied by the IRS, please pass this on to them.  If they need professional help, please contact me at (972) 821-1991. 
If you’ve received a CP504 Notice from the IRS, it will most likely look very scary to you. It is typically sent by Certified Mail and states Notice of Intent to seize (levy) your property or rights to property. While it is important to respond to this notice (this means the IRS has already sent ...
For the personal returns of taxpayers, the IRS gives taxpayers until April 15th to file their tax return. However, if a taxpayer cannot file by April 15th, by submitting IRS Form 4868, they are granted an extension to file their return until October 15th. Before we go further, I wanted to point o...
One of our most popular videos on our You Tube Channel gives an overview of the Criteria to Determine if you are a candidate to solve your IRS Tax Debt through the Offer in Compromise Program, where you settle your debt for less than the full amount.   If you believe you may be a candidate and wa...
8 Reasons to Work with a Tax Resolution Professional To Resolve Your Back Taxes When you owe money to the IRS, it is hard to think about anything else. While being in debt is never fun, no matter who the creditor is, the IRS enjoys almost unlimited power to collect the money they are due. Unlike ...
Sometimes, I have taxpayers come into my Richardson, TX tax office, who have been assessed income taxes by the IRS, but where they believe they don’t owe the tax. Your first thought might be, “Does this really happen”, but surprisingly, it does happen. As more and more tax returns are automated t...

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