audit reconsideration: Plano TX - What To Do When You DON'T Owe the IRS But They Think You Do - 08/31/19 11:34 AM
Sometimes, I have taxpayers come into my Richardson, TX tax office, who have been assessed income taxes by the IRS, but where they believe they don’t owe the tax. Your first thought might be, “Does this really happen”, but surprisingly, it does happen. As more and more tax returns are automated through the IRS correspondence process and the IRS is working with less human staff, I’ve seen more of it.  
How does it happen? When the IRS sends notices, some taxpayers simply ignore the notices, some don’t respond properly, and some respond properly but the IRS simply makes an error when … (0 comments)

audit reconsideration: Richardson TX- Audit Reconsideration -You Don't Owe what the IRS Says! - 07/20/19 04:32 PM
Audit Reconsideration is an option for a taxpayer if an audit occurred and there was a tax assessment made that the taxpayer disagrees with. It is also available if the IRS prepares a substitute for return on behalf of the client who did not file the return.
IRS will consider Audit Reconsideration if:
The Taxpayer submits information not previously provided The IRS created a Substitute for Return The IRS made a computational or processing error The Liability is unpaid or credits are denied  
How To Request Audit Reconsideration
There is no form for Audit Reconsideration. A letter is written to the IRS office … (0 comments)

audit reconsideration: Richardson TX - IRS Correspondence Audit - What to do if I'm Selected - 07/14/19 11:16 AM
When taxpayers think of an IRS audit, many still think of going into an IRS office with all of their paperwork and sitting down with an IRS employee. They picture a tense situation, with the taxpayer bringing boxes of paper and being interrogated by the IRS employee.
In reality, that’s not what most audits are like today. Most audits conducted by the IRS are Correspondence audits.   A correspondence audit is an audit which is conducted entirely through mail, although the taxpayer may have phone discussions with the IRS and/or fax information if they choose to do so. It is considered the lowest level of the IRS … (0 comments)

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