irs audit: Richardson TX- Audit Reconsideration -You Don't Owe what the IRS Says! - 07/20/19 04:32 PM
Audit Reconsideration is an option for a taxpayer if an audit occurred and there was a tax assessment made that the taxpayer disagrees with. It is also available if the IRS prepares a substitute for return on behalf of the client who did not file the return.
IRS will consider Audit Reconsideration if:
The Taxpayer submits information not previously provided The IRS created a Substitute for Return The IRS made a computational or processing error The Liability is unpaid or credits are denied  
How To Request Audit Reconsideration
There is no form for Audit Reconsideration. A letter is written to the IRS office … (0 comments)

irs audit: Richardson TX - I Received a CP2000 Notice from the IRS. Now What? - 07/19/19 09:01 AM
The IRS sends a CP2000 notice to taxpayers when the income or payment information on file with the IRS doesn’t match the information that was reported on your tax return. Due to that difference, there may be an increase, decrease, or no change to the tax reported.  Taxpayers come into our Richardson TX office and want to know how to properly respond to the notice.  Read further to learn more on effectively dealing with the CP2000 Notice.
What Should You Do?
First, make sure you open your mail. While this sounds like sarcasm, in reality, many of the problems that I assist … (0 comments)

irs audit: Richardson TX - What If I'm Audited and Don't have a mileage log? - 03/20/19 08:06 AM
Did you know that most exams of personal returns with a Schedule C (Self-Employment) include requests for information on Car and Truck Expenses?   While the IRS recommends contemporaneous mileage logs, it does not require them. Mileage logs may be accepted in an audit if completed on a weekly or monthly basis, or even if completed prior to audit if the records are considered to be adequate.
What are adequate records? First, a mileage log must be in writing. If it is not written, it is not deductible. Don’t go into an audit with a story or theory. A Perfect Mileage Log will … (0 comments)

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