irs debt settlement: Richardson TX - How To Get Rid of an IRS Tax Lien - 05/19/19 09:26 AM
When taxpayer’s come into my office in Richardson, TX related to IRS tax debt problems, IRS Liens are often the major issue they are working to resolve, and taxpayers want to know how to get rid of an IRS lien. 
As mentioned in a previous blog, there are two types of liens –
General or “Silent Lien” – automatic by statute.  No one including the taxpayer is notified. A Notice of Federal Tax Lien (NFTL) – publicly filed  
The NFTL is what causes pain to the Taxpayer, harming their ability to access credit and transfer assets.  The IRS is permitted to … (0 comments)

irs debt settlement: Richardson TX - What If You Can't Pay Your Income Taxes? - 04/19/19 10:49 AM
With most of my tax clients that come into our Richardson, TX, tax office, they get their tax returns filed timely, and are either able to pay their taxes timely, or we immediately get them set up a payment alternative early on and minimize the problem. However, I often do meet with taxpayers who come to us and who 1) did not file their returns timely, and due to a variety of circumstances, 2) did not pay the balance due. Often years go by, and eventually they get a point of a bank or wage levy, a seizure of an asset, … (0 comments)

irs debt settlement: Richardson TX: Offers-In-Compromise - Why Tax Compliance is Critical - 04/09/19 11:21 AM
When taxpayers who owe money to the IRS come into our office in Richardson, TX, one of the most common questions we get is to how to settle their debt for pennies on the dollar, as they hear in commercials. While under that they want to begin the process at the end, I usually have to explain to them that before we can even determine if they qualify for an Offer-In-Compromise, on of the things that we must do is to verify that they are in Tax Compliance, and if they are not, get them in it. You may be thinking … (0 comments)

irs debt settlement: Richardson TX - The Three Types of IRS Offers-In-Compromise - 03/31/19 10:03 AM
When clients come into our Richardson Tax office with IRS debt issues, most of the potential clients want to learn more about the Offer In Compromise process, or OIC for short. There are three different types of Offers in Compromise.
Doubt as to Collectability – This type of offer is the most common type of OIC made to the IRS. In this case, the Taxpayer agrees that they owe the IRS, but are simply not in a financial position, to fully pay off their debt. If the Taxpayer qualifies for an OIC based on their financial situation, they may be able … (0 comments)

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