irs penalties: Effectively Solving Your IRS Debt Problems in Plano TX - 06/01/20 02:15 PM
Did you know that there are approximately 20 million taxpayers that are either in some stage of the collection process with the IRS or are believed to be non-filers. This is expected to continue to increase in the current economic environment related to COVID-19.
Unfortunately, if you don't solve your tax problems timely, you can expect penalties and interest that can rapidly increase the tax owed, levies, liens, a negative impact on your credit, and stress in your daily life and relationships that can be avoided by taking the proper action. By gaining the knowledge or hiring a firm that specializes … (0 comments)

irs penalties: Plano TX - IRS First Time Penalty Abatement Video - 08/13/19 10:40 AM
One of our most popular You Tube Video's is our video on How to Get Penalty Abatement (Removal) for first time offenders.  Click the link below to listen to that video.  If you have any questions or need help with tax penalties or have any other tax problems, please call me at (972) 821-1991 or email me at

irs penalties: Richardson TX - Removing IRS Penalties For Reasonable Cause - 06/05/19 07:27 AM
In our last blog, we discussed IRS Penalty abatement using the First Time Abatement option. Today, we will talk about getting your penalty abated using Reasonable Cause to resolve the issue. Tax Penalties are a common issue for taxpayers that come to our Richardson TX office to discuss tax problems. Penalties can double your tax debt (or more) over time. The IRS does not simply remove penalties upon request. It is the government’s position that penalties serve as a valuable tool in compliance. However, you may be able to remove penalties using Reasonable Cause if you qualify.
How Do I Qualify Using … (1 comments)

irs penalties: Richardson TX - Everything You Need to Know About Tax Penalties - 05/21/19 07:45 AM
Have you ever heard the late night commercials where the person says that they can remove all of your IRS penalties?   We often get taxpayers who come into our Richardson, TX office have hard the commercials, and they want to know how they can have all of their penalties removed. The reality is in some cases, it is possible, but it depends on your situation. Today, I’ll give an overview of tax penalties and a quick discussion on penalty relief.   In the next week, we’ll cover the topics in more depth.
Unfortunately, the IRS does not simply remove penalties as a matter … (0 comments)

irs penalties: Richardson TX - What If You Can't Pay Your Income Taxes? - 04/19/19 10:49 AM
With most of my tax clients that come into our Richardson, TX, tax office, they get their tax returns filed timely, and are either able to pay their taxes timely, or we immediately get them set up a payment alternative early on and minimize the problem. However, I often do meet with taxpayers who come to us and who 1) did not file their returns timely, and due to a variety of circumstances, 2) did not pay the balance due. Often years go by, and eventually they get a point of a bank or wage levy, a seizure of an asset, … (0 comments)

irs penalties: Richardson TX - IRS Penalties Removal for First Time Offenders - 03/03/19 09:12 AM
Did you know that you could have IRS Penalties Removed as a First Time Offender?  There are times when Taxpayers come into our Richardson TX tax office who have penalties assessed by the IRS that we are able to have abated or removed.  Th e dollar amount might be large or small but the key to having penalties removed are the circumstances related to each Taxpayer.  Today, we’re going to focus on Penalty Abatement for First Time Offenders.
What Types of Penalties Can Be Abated?
The types of Penalties that can be removed include –
Failure to File Penalties Failure to Pay … (0 comments)

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