what to do if i get an irs notice: Plano TX - I Got an IRS CP2000 Notice. Now What? - 09/05/19 09:44 AM
One of our most popular videos on our YouTube channel for Bob Jablonsky and Associates is what you should do if you receive the CP2000 notice, which is a common notice sent by the IRS when they identify differences between what is reported on a tax return vs. 3rd party information that is in their database.  Listen to our video on the CP2000 notice to learn more about why you are receiving the notice and how to effectively respond to the notice.
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what to do if i get an irs notice: Richardson TX - I Received a CP2000 Notice from the IRS. Now What? - 07/19/19 09:01 AM
The IRS sends a CP2000 notice to taxpayers when the income or payment information on file with the IRS doesn’t match the information that was reported on your tax return. Due to that difference, there may be an increase, decrease, or no change to the tax reported.  Taxpayers come into our Richardson TX office and want to know how to properly respond to the notice.  Read further to learn more on effectively dealing with the CP2000 Notice.
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