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  TELL THE GREEDY GUY ABOUT YOUR RIGHTS   ARE YOU RENTING A RESIDENCE WHICH IS BEING FORECLOSED UPON? It used to be if you were renting a place in Nevada that got foreclosed on you could get served with 3 day vacate notice.  If you didn’t get the hell out a new owner could file to have you evicte...
  One of the most aggressive options for getting loan reductions and sometimes principle reductions is performing Loan Litigation. You get a Forensic Audit from a reputable company - hire an an attorney or someone qualified to read the audit.  If there are violations on the audit- submit it to t...
    Thousands of distressed homeowners have been calling their lenders for loan modifications.  A lot of people just want an interest rate reduction that will lower their payment at least for awhile - until things turn around - until the economy starts getting better. A payment reduction of say $...
When the tides turned for the worst on Las Vegas Real Estate, and I saw people struggling to keep their homes I decided to learn as much as I could about the legal side of Real Property.  For the last two years I have been studying, reading and asking questions about how to protect folks who are...
      ONE WAY TO SLOW DOWN FORECLOSURE When a Lender of Investor tries to foreclose on a property they normally do not have the original promissory note that displays the wet signature of the homebuyer. When a lien holder does not have the original note they produce an Affidavit of Lost Promissor...
  The Federal Housing Administration, more commonly known as FHA is the insurer of about $750 billion in outstanding mortgages. A HUD Audit on FHA found their cash reserve fund is rapidly depleting and may drop below its Congressionally mandated 2% of insurance liabilities by the end of the year....
                                          PLEASE CHECK ME OUT ON FACEBOOK   CALL ROBIN BASICHIS - 702-279-8025    If were to combine mortgage delinquencies with foreclosures as of today you would come up with a 14.50% national total.  This is the highest percentage total on record in. Nevada, Flo...
They are going to do a census in 2010. I don't think they are going to be asking too many Real Estate questions so it's probably going to be a waste of time. Will you tell the census taker everything about yourself? Will you bare your soul to the census taker? Or will you do something I would ne...
I loved this post. Really heart felt and well written. If you doing well God Bless You. For those of us who got caught with our pants down - well hopeully someday soon we'll be able to sleep soundly get up with a song in our hearts.  Great post Paul.  Housing will not fully recover until 2012.  T...
    There are some entities in places like Hollywood that would have the government act as a spy on the Internet just in case someone commits copyright infringement.  What if your kid stole a new idea for a Fox Pilot and an NBC Pilot and was savvy enough to sell it to another network.  Would you ...

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