sell my pocono home: Selling Your Home? 14 Areas You Don't Want to Forget to Clean. - 01/28/15 09:04 PM
When selling your home clean, clean, clean is the condition your home should be in.  Or when doing your spring cleaning, Kathy Streib with Room Service! Home Staging provides us with a great list of commonly missed or forgotten places and spaces. Put this list with your bucket of cleaning supplies and you'll be sure to get the whole house sparkling clean. Thanks for the Great List Kathy!
Selling Your Home? 14 Areas You Don’t Want to Forget to Clean!

If you have plans to sell your house, chances are high on your list of projects is to make sure your house … (7 comments)

sell my pocono home: Acceptance of your Low Ball Offer? - Not With My Seller! - 10/27/14 10:52 AM
Acceptance of your Low Ball Offer? Not With My Seller!
We are seeing it time and time again in offers that my Pocono Real Estate Clients are receiving.
Your submitted offer is well below the Asking Price, even well below the Average Sale to List Price Ratio in our Market.
Granted, we are in a Buyers Market and there are plenty of other homes for you to choose from however, that does not mean that my Seller is going to accept your insulting offer.
More often than not My Client is extremely insulted and quite upset with … (45 comments)

sell my pocono home: Real Estate Market Trends in the Poconos of PA for November 2013 - 12/05/13 10:32 AM
Real Estate Market Trends in the Poconos of PA for November 2013 (Monroe County) are still showing signs that we are continuing to move forward to a better housing market.
The Number of Homes sold in the Poconos during November was 186, UP 2% from 1182 sold for November 2012.  This makes 13 months in a row that we have seen the number of homes being sold per month RISE!
Of the 186 homes sold in the Poconos for November, 43 of them were foreclosures, approximately 23% of the total sales for the month. … (7 comments)

sell my pocono home: Stroudsburg PA Homes for sale, 144 Sweet Fern Road - 09/19/13 10:35 PM
New To The Market is this Stroudsburg PA home for sale at 144 Sweet Fern Road.
 3 Bedrooms, 1 Bathroom, 1 Car Garage, Nice Corner Lot, Paved Driveway, Large Back Deck
$124,999 MLS #PM-5570
Fabulous In-Town Location close to Schools and I80.
                    GREAT IN TOWN LOCATION!


sell my pocono home: Homes for sale in the Poconos that are Not in a Development - 03/31/13 10:58 PM
Here are some homes in the Poconos for sale that are not in a Development/Community.  
There are many homes for sale that are not in a development in the Poconos. In taking a look  at all those available we will have to look at them by Township.  First let's start with Hamilton Township as of 3/31/13.

Kemmerton Rd - $795,000
Glenbrook Rd - $629,900
2217 Valley View Dr S - $599,999
299 Brick Church Rd - $569,000
368 Martin Lane - $549,000
Park Road - $500,000
5090 Custard Rd - $399,356
600 Martz Rd - $374,356
406 S. Easton … (7 comments)

sell my pocono home: LOVELY LAKEFRONT HOME IN POCONO SUMMIT PA - SOLD! - 02/21/13 10:14 PM
Congratulations! To The New Homeowners. Life in this Lovely Lakefront home in Stillwater Estates, Pocono Summit, PA is sure to be stunning, relaxing and beautiful! Please welcome your new neighbors to the Neighborhood.  Make them feel welcome!

This post-n-beam Lakefront Home in the Poconos offered large living spaces (highly sought after in todays market), awesome lakeviews, your own dock, enclosed porch, 3 bedrooms, hardwood floors, 2 full baths, 2 car garage, paved driveway, and a Great Master Suite!

Sold for $310,000 courtesy of Bobbie and Dawn with RE/MAX of the Poconos!
Selling your home in the Poconos? Let us … (14 comments)

sell my pocono home: Homes Sold in the Poconos By Month for 2012, Pocono Real Estate Trends - 01/26/13 02:06 AM
Sold Homes In The Poconos for 2012 by Month.
The Number of Pending Sales in the Poconos continues to remain strong - UP when compared to the last several years.
The Number of Homes Sold in the Poconos for 2012 is UP for the year as well.  Again, for the first time in several years.*
The Absorption Rate continues to decline.  We are at one of the lowest points that we have been in years also.
Do you know what that Makes Our Current Market?   A GREAT TIME TO SELL!  If you have been holding off putting your home back on the market due … (7 comments)

sell my pocono home: READY TO SHOW - SORRY FOR THE DELAYS - COME AND SEE IT NOW! - 12/10/12 10:40 AM
There's been a delay, sorry to make you wait, but the delays have been cleared up - COME SEE HER NOW!
This Lovely, Little Ranch home with 2 car garage has so much to offer.  Beautiful lot, awesome deck, large great room and more and more.

Sweetly priced and located in Terrific Towamensing Trails in Albrightsville, PA.  Don't delay, Come and see her today. Bring your checkbook!
MLS#12-8406, $119,700.00 Taxes approx. $2974.00. 3 Bedroom, 2 Baths, Laundry Closet.

Thinking of Selling Your Home In The Poconos - GET THE MAXIMUM FROM "THE POCONOS OF PA REALTORS!"
There are many tasks that are done on your behalf by your "The Poconos of PA Realtors," but many of them you do not know or hear about.  In an effort to present them to you in something less than a booklet we have narrowed the items to most of the major topics.  Once we meet with you to discuss Selling Your Home we will give you the "Detailed List of ALL THE VALUE WE GIVE TO YOU WHEN YOU HIRE US TO … (6 comments)

Just Sold in Emerald Lakes, Long Pond PA! Congratulations to the New Happy Homeowners!
This Beautiful Bi-level in Emerald Lakes has just been sold COURTESY OF BOBBIE AND DAWN.
We offer our heartfelt Congratulations to the New Happy Homeowners!
This 3 bedroom, 2 bath home was listed for $77,700 and sold for $76,000 in 29 days!

Please welcome your new neighbors to the Neighborhood! Stop and say Hello, wave as you drive by, make them feel welcome.  You'll be glad you did.
When you need to sell your Home In The Poconos of PA, call the Local Experts, … (4 comments)

sell my pocono home: ONCE I SELL MY HOME IN THE POCONOS, WHEN DO WE HAVE TO BE OUT? FAQ 9 - 06/08/12 11:18 PM
Once I sell My Pocono Home when do we have to be out?  
On the day that closing is scheduled for the Buyer's will come and do a walk through of the
home approximately one to two hours before we all go to the closing.  This is to confirm that
the home is still in the same condition that it was in when they put an offer in on the home.
then you need to be completely out before you … (2 comments)

sell my pocono home: WHAT ARE THE STEPS INVOLVED IN SELLING MY HOME IN THE POCONOS? FAQ 10 - 06/07/12 10:15 PM
What are all the steps involved in selling my Home In The Poconos from A-Z?  
When selling your home in the Poconos there are numerous steps involved from getting it listed to attending the closing. Here is a helpful list: (follow the links at the bottom for greater detail)

A) "PREP" your home for putting it on the Market.
C) Go over the COMPARATIVE MARKET ANALYSIS and Marketing Plan with your Realtor.
D) Complete the PAPERWORK for putting your home on the Market (listing your home).
E) Prepare for SHOWINGS … (4 comments)

sell my pocono home: HOW LONG WILL IT TAKE TO SELL MY HOME IN THE POCONOS? FAQ 7 - 06/06/12 10:30 PM
How long will it take to sell my Home In The Poconos?  
There are several factors that you need to take into consideration when looking at how long
it will take to sell your home in the Pocono Mountains of PA.
TYPE OF MARKET YOUR AREA IS CURRENTLY IN - Are you in a Buyer's Market or a Seller's
Market?  Our current market is a Buyer's Market.  Buyer's have the advantage because they
know that there are more houses on the market for sale than we have Buyer's for and that
they can afford to pick and choose to … (4 comments)

What are the costs involved when selling my home in The Poconos?  There are numerous costs involved when selling your Home in the Poconos. The Chart below gives you an estimated overview of many of those items.
The Agreement of Sale states that the Seller will "PROVIDE GOOD AND MARKETABLE TITLE” to the Buyer of the Property. The Title Company that the Buyer hires will perform a title search to assure the Buyer of same therefore you will be required to provide certain information to the Title Company so that can do just that.

1) YOUR MARKETING FEE … (2 comments)

sell my pocono home: HOW DO WE HANDLE SHOWINGS WHEN SELLING OUR POCONO HOME? FAQ 4 - 06/05/12 06:25 AM
I'm so glad you asked.  There are a few key points I would like to make here.
1) As stated in the Listing Contract that you signed, WE (The REal Estate Company) are not
responsible for any damages or broken items that happen during showings.
2) Therefore, please pack away any valuables or sentimental value items.  Accidents happen.
Be prepared and do not take the risk - pack it away.
3) Leave the home for all showings.  If you are hovering around the potential buyers … (4 comments)

sell my pocono home: SELLING YOUR POCONO HOME- Is your Realtor doing their best? Point A - 05/29/12 01:53 AM
SELLING YOUR POCONO HOME - Is your Realtor doing their best? Point A - PICTURES You have decided to Sell Your Pocono Home and have chosen your Realtor®.  All the
paperwork is signed and you are ready to have your pictures taken and your information
obtained to input the listing into the "system."
Is your Realtor doing their best for you by preparing your home for the pictures?

Take a look at the two photos above. Can you see the differences between a home that
has been "enhanced" versus "unenhanced" by the Agent.  Wouldn't you rather have your
home … (4 comments)

sell my pocono home: DON'T TAKE IT PERSONAL - SHOWING FEEDBACK ON YOUR POCONO HOME. - 05/09/12 10:31 PM
One of the Five (5) Key Items that we advise our clients when listing their home for sale is "DON'T TAKE IT PERSONAL" when you receive negative feedback on your home.
Everyone is different. Everyone has different tastes and likes and dislikes.  Not everyone who views your Pocono Home is going to like all that it has to offer.

EMOTIONALLY DETACH YOURSELF from the Home.  You bought a house and turned it into a Home. Now you are turning your Home back into a house and selling it.  It becomes a business transaction. This is very helpful for Keeping Personal … (4 comments)

sell my pocono home: THE POCONOS 123 - POCONO SOLD HOMES WEEK ENDING 1-7-12 BY SCHOOL DISTRICT - 01/10/12 12:13 PM
Here is an accounting of POCONO SOLD HOMES for the first week of January. (1/1/12 thru 1/7/12).

Hmmm. Guess I need to "tweak" my appearance a little bit for processing - looked so nice in the chart on Excel. LOL
Please feel free to email me ( if you would like to receive the sold stats for the week directly to your email.
Thanks for looking!

sell my pocono home: CAN YOU REALLY AFFORD "NOT" TO SELL YOUR HOME NOW! - 01/02/12 10:38 AM
Can you really afford not to sell your home NOW?
When you look closely at THE POCONO MARKET TRENDS for the last 10 years you will notice that we have been on a down trend for several years now. Forecasters anticipate this trend to continue. How long for? Who knows. Now is the time to sell your Pocono home and for the Current Market Value!
(Sorry, in chart above numbers equal years as follows: 1 = 2000; 2 = 2001; . . . . . .  12 = 2011)
Let’s look at an Example, let’s say you really wanted to … (0 comments)

sell my pocono home: THE POCONOS 123 - SOLD HOMES IN THE POCONOS NOVEMBER 2011 - 12/04/11 01:54 PM
WooHoo! We have reason to celebrate.  After all October statistics were less than "happy" but November gives us reason to celebrate for the number of Pocono Homes sold during the month was a POSITIVE number. 
Do you really want to celebrate. . . . . . . . .  the average sold price for the month of November on all those homes sold in the Poconos was 0 (zero).  We stayed even.  Again Woohoo!

October 2011 stats

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