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As I start a new career in Real Estate it is exciting because the profession is changing from what I once perceived. You know, a time when a Realtor was considered the enemy of home owners and only interested in a commission. Today presents new ways to change that paradigm. With training programs like the CDPE and SFR designation we have the opportunity to be seen as consultants. With the advent of social media we have a tremendous opportunity to establish ourselves as professional marketers. After all the decision to sell will always be our clients. I am proud to be part of this change and this time in Real Estate. Each day I look forward to talking with prospects about their marketing opportunities with full knowledge of the options they have. Our clients are in a volatile time. Today we offer more than advise on what a listing price or offer should be. Today a Realtor is someone a person can call to get all their questions answered. The challenge is letting people know about this paradigm shift.
The Old Days May Be Gone - Our Word Being a Bond is Not    I have always had a sense of wanting to have lived back in the day when a handshake  and spoken word were as good as a contract today.  Times have changed people to where I know that is no longer a realistic expectation in general.  It is...
                           Military Hot Spot - PMRF Kauai A very special day for the military is coming up this weekend.  Will write more about the meaning of the day later.  This post is for military that will be coming to Kauai or may be visiting as they read this post.        Kauai has a 70 mi...
J.J's Broiler Kalapaki Beach on Kauai     Tonight the trade winds returned with a nice cool breeze.  Carol and I ran our list of outdoor, ocean view resturaunts and chose J.J.'s Broiler on Kalapaki Beach in Nawiliwili.  Su n was setting but caught some die hard stand up paddlers riding the 2 to 3...
Plumeria Lesson    We have lived in our house now for almost four years.  My wife and I love to garden.  We have a vegetable garden and Carol has three flower beds.  In the yard she has planted a plumeria tree.  Every year we wait and can hardly wait to see if it blooms.  A friend suggested we pl...
Hanapepe   If you visit Kauai the highway system takes you through most small communities.  Hanapepe is the place to be on Fridays nights.  They have food booths, live music, crafts and live music.  The main focus is their Arts Center.   Each Friday Old Hanapepe Road comes alive with energy.  All...
Valuation Index   Reading this weekend some articles about investing in the stock market.  When I finished I began thinking about about how emotional people get in selling or buying a property.  The seller thinks about ALLLLL the money they have put into the house to make it look, smell and feel ...
Grass is Always Greener   Several years ago I had a friend ask me to come over to help work in his yard.  This is one of my hobbies and I had the time so I went to help.  When I arrived I learned the project he was wanting help with was fertilizing his yard.  I thought this should be a quick job....
265 lb Goal   Growing up I was a very lucky teenager!  My family had some bad things happen and I became a ward of a court.  Not many teenagers are being sought as foster children.  Boy, was I ever blessed.  I remember leaving the courthouse with my new foster mom, Juanita Hannibal.  She took me ...
How Do I Handle This Load?   As a young Marine Radio/Loadmaster on KC-130F transports, I endured the simplistic training in order to master my Military Occupational Specialty.  The most basic!  Marine, "This is an airplane."  Looking back I smile at the time I thought, "Wow"!  As the training mov...
Check Please   Had a wonderful breakfast at Tiano's in Lihue Saturday morning.  Had my usual Loco Moco, sourdough toast and coffee.  Our waitress was all a person could expect.  Listened well, served food hot and kept the coffee cup full. When we were finished with our breakfast she asked if we n...

Robert Courtney

Century 21 All Islands, RA, CDPE, MCRE, CIAS
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