katy tx: Sales Tax Holiday in Texas.. Friday August 5 - Sunday August 7, 2016 - 07/29/16 04:49 AM
Sales Tax Holiday in Texas.. Friday August 5 - Sunday August 7, 2016 
Texas Comptroller Glenn Hegar wants all shoppers/consumers to know money can be saved on specific items costing less than $100 during the annual Texas Sales Tax Holiday.  The Sales Tax Holiday begins next Friday August 5 and runs through Sunday August 7, 2016. All of us need to pay close attention to the dates each year as these dates can and do change and have since last year.
Some items are exempt from sales tax during this period of time and some are not. Generally most items of clothing, footwear, … (16 comments)

katy tx: Harry Potter Book Release Party at Katy Budget Books - 07/26/16 04:50 AM
Harry Potter Book Release Party at Katy Budget Books 
Katy Budget Books is hosting a party to celebrate the Release of “Harry Potter and the Cursed Child - Parts one & Two”. The festivities begin at 10 AM on Saturday July 30, 2016. Attendees will receive a number at the door with presentation  of a purchase receipt for this book.
Starting at Midnight, readers will be called by their number to obtain their new Harry Potter book. There will be games to play such as Quidditch Game , Pin the scarf on Harry Potter plus numerous other fun activities. Dress as a … (13 comments)

katy tx: Almost Speechless Sunday - Date Night at Tango & Malbec - 07/24/16 03:13 AM
Almost Speechless Sunday - Date Night at Tango & Malbec 
We do not go out very often as we like to stay home, drink good wine and have a nice dinner in our own home in Katy TX. Last Saturday July 16, 2016 evening we had date night night and went out for the evening. We went to restaurant in Houston named Tango & Malbec. This is a steakhouse and wine bar which is geared towards Argentine food. The food, wine and surroundings were excellent. If you are looking for a change to your restaurant group you frequent try Tango & Malbec … (23 comments)

katy tx: Backpack and School Supplies Giveaway in Katy TX. - 07/21/16 03:20 AM
Backpack and School Supplies Giveaway in Katy TX.

The EmPowerment Center and Destiny Bridge Builders are sponsoring a Back to School Backpack and school supplies giveaway on Saturday August 13, 2016. The first 250 children ages 5 -11 years old with parents will obtain the free of charge backpacks with school supplies.
The EmPowerment Center is a non-denominational church and Destiny Bridges appears to be run by the wife of the pastor at EmPowerment Center. I do not know anything else about these organizations. If your child is in need of a backpack and school supplies this free of charge giveaway maybe … (15 comments)

katy tx: IRS Phone Scam Still Going Strong - Katy and Everywhere - 07/14/16 05:37 AM
IRS Phone Scam Still Going Strong - Katy and Everywhere 
Our friend found an automated message on his home answering machine the other day here in Katy TX. The recording said this is the Internal Revenue Services and you owe back taxes of a large sum. If these taxes, interest and penalties are not paid immediately the Internal Revenue Services will take drastic actions. Our friend knew right away this is nothing but a scam. Note the caller message stated  “Services” and not “Service”! The IRS will never add an “S” to the end of its name!

He called the number the … (16 comments)

katy tx: Skyhawks Soccer Camp for Children in Katy TX - 07/11/16 05:41 AM
Skyhawks Soccer Camp for Children in Katy TX
Skyhawk Sports Academy is holding a children’s soccer camp at the Katy City Park starting on Monday July 18, 2016 and lasting thru Friday July 22, 2016. All children grades from PreK to 4TH grade are welcome to attend. Their program is geared to promote sports programs where children develop and discover athletic skills and abilities plus important social values such as respect, teamwork and sportsmanship.
Skyhawk Sports states they offer children a positive sports experience while promoting a healthy lifestyle.
The camp will be operating from 9 AM until 11 AM. The cost ranges … (10 comments)

katy tx: Almost Speechless Sunday - Face to Face - 07/10/16 03:19 AM
Almost Speechless Sunday - Face to Face 
We recently had the wonderful opportunity to travel from Katy TX to Santiago Chile. We did take a 4 hour walking tour (free of charge) which was excellent. Believe it or not as it is winter in Chile as it was pretty cold during most of the walking tour. The statue below was in main square in Santiago. I was very intrigued by this work of art and I felt like I was ‘Face to Face” with it. The face reminded me how I feel when I have to get up at 3 AM so … (18 comments)

katy tx: Back in Katy TX July 2016 - 07/08/16 05:35 AM
Back in Katy TX July 2016 
We were away for a few days and we just got back from a trip we took. I did not have an opportunity to tell folks we were going to be gone. I hope everyone had a wonderful July 4th independence day. I try very hard not to broadcast on the internet when we are on  a trip and away from home. I wait till we are back home and safe.
The world has seen so much violence in the last few weeks including here in the US. We all need to pray in our special … (17 comments)

katy tx: Lesson Learned in Katy TX the Hard Way - Safety First - 06/29/16 05:53 AM
Lesson Learned in Katy TX the Hard Way - Safety First 
During September 2008 the Houston area was hit by hurricane IKE. Some areas had significant amount of damage and others suffered with loss of power and other inconveniences. I had a couple contact me as their Realtor told them to call me. This Realtor worked in another area of the Houston metroplex which is a fairly long distance away from Katy. Of course I had no idea who this Realtor was but I agreed to take them out to look for a home as they had hurricane damage and needed to … (22 comments)

katy tx: Almost Speechless Sunday - Flower or Weed or Both - 06/26/16 03:56 AM
Almost Speechless Sunday - Flower or Weed or Both 
We have this plant(s) in backyard beds in Grand Lakes Katy TX. which showed up without being planted and were impossible to get rid of several years ago. One plant became a second plant over time. I have stayed away from using any chemicals as these two plants or weeds are growing in beds just behind our pool. I have found a natural weed killer using vinegar, salt and a small amount of dishwashing liquid. I tried this today in spots in front and on the side of the home.  
I do like … (20 comments)

katy tx: Power Washing Propane Gas Grill - Katy TX - 06/25/16 09:09 AM
Power Washing Propane Gas Grill - Katy TX 
I spent the better part of today Saturday June 25, 2016 power washing our Weber propane gas grill. I believe last weekend or the weekend before the steaks that were being grilled caught fire. We put it out with water and saved the steaks. I knew based on the accumulation of meat and marination on the the inside of the grill, I would need to spend the time to power wash it. There is a chemical spray I used one time but after reading up I figured it was potentially toxic. Power wash take … (14 comments)

katy tx: Business Builders Breakfast - What to do in an Active Shooter Event - 06/24/16 05:20 AM
Business Builders Breakfast - What to do in an Active Shooter Event 
The Katy Area Chamber of Commerce is hosting a Business Builder Breakfast on Wednesday June 29, 2016. The speaker will be Fulshear Police Chief Kenny Seymour. Networking begins 6:45 AM  and the program starts  at 7 AM,
This important talk will be given at the Willowfork Country Club which is located at 21055 Westheimer Parkway, Katy TX.
Chief Seymour topic is “CRASE: Civilian Response to Active Shooter Event”. Sad situation but we all have to confront a potential situation occurring as these type of shooter events become more prevalent. It … (20 comments)

katy tx: Rover Oaks Katy Raises Money for US War Dogs - 06/02/16 05:31 AM
Rover Oaks Katy Raises Money for US War Dogs 
Rover Oaks Pet Resort in Katy TX has begun its sixth annual month long donation drive to raise funds for Operation War Dogs which supports a non-profit group named Mission K9 Rescue. Mission K9 Rescue is the Houston Chapter of the United States War Dogs. This fundraising effort started on Memorial Day and will end on July 4, 2016. Donations can be made to Rover Oaks fund drive by going here. If you live in the Katy or Houston area please consider making a donation to this fine organization and cause.
During 2015 … (13 comments)

katy tx: May 26, 2016 - National Red Nose Day - 05/26/16 03:36 AM
May 26, 2016 - National Red Nose Day 
Today May 26, 2016 is National Red Nose Day. This is a special day for folks to come together , have some fun, laugh a lot and make a difference in lives of children who really need help. There is a National Red Nose Special tonight on NBC at 9 PM EDT or 8 PM CDT. Watch the show and don’t forget to open your heart up and give some needed funds to these needy children.
The Red Nose is a universal symbol for this day. People all across Katy and the entire USA … (9 comments)

katy tx: Almost Speechless Sunday- Sometimes You Have to get your Ducks in a Row - 05/22/16 05:05 AM
Almost Speechless Sunday- Sometimes You Have to get your Ducks in a Row 
It is always important in life and certainly Real Estate to have youe Ducks in a row when trying to accomplish a new challenge.
If you are looking for a family oriented and pet friendly neighborhood and want/need a local Katy Real Estate Expert contact me and let us get started on your journey to living the luxurious lifestyle dream in Katy TX. Katy also has excellent schools plus has something of interest for virtually for everyone of any age. It is a great time to buy as inventory … (17 comments)

katy tx: Finally We got Our Car Back in Katy TX - 05/21/16 08:23 AM
Finally We got Our Car Back in Katy TX 
I have posted two previous posts about our car getting hit in front of our home back in February. See the first here and the second here. The man at the collision shop who was handling our car had said our car would be done a week ago Friday May 13, 2016 after almost 3 months of being at the shop. The car was not completed and the wrong parts were ordered once again. We both wrote tough Emails to this guy but never heard anything in return .
On this past Monday with … (12 comments)

katy tx: Raining Once Again in Katy TX - 05/19/16 05:56 AM
Raining Once Again in Katy TX 
I am home today as I needed to drive Yolanda to her Dr. Appt today. She cannot drive for several more days. We had heard another huge rain storm was on the way here and were very leery of being on the road once the storm hit as her Dr.is located in the Houston Medical Center which is located just outside Downtown. I am very happy to be home and not have to worry about driving into any flooded streets.
Yolanda is doing very well and certainly feeling much better today than the last 2 days. … (14 comments)

katy tx: Identity Theft Issues Raise their Ugly Heads Once Again! - 05/16/16 06:39 AM
Identity Theft Issues Raise their Ugly Heads Once Again!  
During May 2012 I had some crooks steal my identity by creating fake checks and passing these two checks at a Lowes and Walmart here in Katy TX. I wrote a previous post about these issues arising once again on JUNE 1, 2015. I will not waste a bunch of time rehashing the past issues. Today once again a new credit collection group named Trident Asset Management called me this morning.
I had a call from this group about 2 weeks ago but I thought it was some type of scam as they … (16 comments)

katy tx: Car Saga Continues in KATY TX - 05/14/16 03:38 AM
Car Saga Continues in KATY TX
Unfortunately our car repair saga is continuing. I need to once again tell everyone what happened as some folks might not have read my other posts. Back on February  18, 2016 our new car was smashed into at a high rate of speed by a young women who was probably sending a  text. Our  car was parked in front of our home. The car was towed away to a collision shop owned by the parent company of the dealership where we bought our car. I thought they would be the best place and they would use … (17 comments)

katy tx: Stamp Out Hunger Food Drive on May 14, 2016 - 05/13/16 04:17 AM
Stamp Out Hunger Food Drive  on May 14, 2016 
The 24TH Annual Letter Carriers Stamp Out Hunger Food Drive is being held on Saturday May 14, 2016. I feel very strongly there is something wrong with the fact we have all these folks including numerous women and children in the USA who are always hungry or are actually starving. If someone out there disagrees help me to figure why we have this situation while at the same time we spend billions feeding folks in countries who hate us!  Our supposed leaders in Washington from both parties are completely dysfunctional and have been … (14 comments)

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